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Originally Posted by RedskinRat
Now, what chemical concoction makes you great at your job and why?
America's most legal addictive stimulants: caffeine and nicotine...

...and that's coming from a former personal trainer!

*Note the use of the word "former".
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Keep the Faith

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Originally Posted by SKINSnCANES
so what is it about cocaine that makes linebackers great. Manley, lt...etc. Imagine if lavar started doing cocaine. Sadly ive had this conversation many times before. No one really wants him to get into drugs, and hopefully he isnt. But its always been a hypothetical of mine and my friend who is a huge giants/lt fan about how many more peopel would be laying flat on their backs if lavar was on something.
Unfortunately, the "coke theory" isn't reserved only for linebackers.

In 1981 Tim Raines was a MLB rookie, and with the help of many of his teammates, he was flying high pretty much all the time.

Raines had 71 stolen bases in 1981, and there was only 81 games due to the strike. I've never seen a guy run like that. He was the true equal of Rickey Henderson. The running joke at the time was "How come Raines is so fast? Because he sniffs the baseline on the way to 2nd."

That early-80s Expos team was loaded with "users" and it was probably the most exciting team I've ever watched. If not for Blue Monday they would have made the World Series.

Well soon after Raines went clean. He continued to be a solid player for his career, but he never ran like that again and just seemed to lose a bit of a spark. I would have liked to see what he could have done if he stayed high for a few more years! :cool-smil

PS - Say no to drugs!
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joecrisp, I once wrote a spoof column as a personal trainer and was a strong advocate of a training regimen with Snickers and coffee to keep the energy and heart rate up.

The theory is sound, right?
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i'd hope so, or else i'm screwed.
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Originally Posted by smootsmack
Butkus, Singletary, Seau, Lewis, Wilber Marshall, what made them so special? Hard work, dedication, raw talent? No, they were all blessed with the same dealer!
Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
Benjamin Franklin
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