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Rookie Camp - It's Not Just For Rookies

Redskins Locker Room

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Rookie Camp - It's Not Just For Rookies

Redskins Insider

Posted at 12:07 PM ET, 05/ 4/2007

Rookie Camp - It's Not Just For Rookies

Hello there, hope all is well.
Out here at rookie camp, where the thrills are constant, and wanted to update you guys on the roster. There are always a few vets and practice sqauders in the mix, guys working out to get a look-see and fill out the roster.

RB Derrick Blaylock, who played 4 years for Al Saunders in KC and has played 51 NFL games with 8 starts, was brought in for camp. He also has return skills and has 10 TDs in his career. Not too shabby. RB Ran Carthon, who has played 9 games for Indy and Detroit, is here as well, and it seems like RB depth has clearly been pondered by the Skins. Could find someone to push Rock Cartwright, and also as depth with Portis coming off two surgeries.

TE has clearly been an area of concern, and vet Zach Hilton is here as well. He was with the Jets last year and started 6 games for New Orleans in 2005.

For these guys, getting into an NFL team now is an advantage - you don't have to wait until mini camp or training camp and you are lining up against less experienced players. Also, they are still un-signed, so don't have to sign with anyone now and can get a feel for the organization as well before moving forward.

"In Zach's case, the Redskins have some good tight ends on the roster, but there seems to be some opportunity at his position as well," said Paul Sheehy, Hilton's agent. "We'll see how it goes and both sides can take it for a test drive and we'll see where it goes. Sometimes it's better to come in early for this camp without a contract and both sides can go forward and see what kind of fit there it."

Sheehy has two other free agents here as well, although K Reagan Schneider is a rookie, as is Indiana safety Troy Grosfield.

Other players in town this weekend have been here before for a brief spell or even an entire season, like DE Joe Sykes, or for training camp, like DT Vana Manapuna. Others are recent draft picks, like LaRon Landry, and guys recently signed as undrafted free agents, like Maryland QB Sam Hollenbach, and NFL limited experience NFL free agents recently signed, like kicker Tyler Fredrickson, who spent time with Dallas.

There are two local high school products among the rookie free agents signed this week - RB Marcus Mason, who was a stud at Georgetown Prep back in the day (he went to Youngstown State) and RB Terry Caulley, from Patuxent HS, who went to UConn. DE Alex Buzbee went to Georgetown - noted football factory as it is - and for hi just getting to this day is an accomplishment.

All of these guys not named Landry are longshots to some degree, but, as Coach Joe says, there might also be "some stories" on this roster. of guys who find a way to stick around despite the odds.

I hope to post again later. I have been compiling a lot of info on NFL defensive ends that might surprise you guys and getting a feel for the trade market at that position as well.

And, finally, thanks yet again for all of the well wishes and support this week. Chloe is doing much better now, thanks, after an scare the other night with the croup, and Rocco still has his cold, but, it seems like he is adopting his universal approach to life and merely trying to eat his way through the sickness. He put on 4 pounds in his first 4 weeks, sucking down milk at a head-spinning rate, to increase his heft by 50 percent. So he's got that going for him.

Thanks again and hope to get the DE stuff up later, but will do it Sat. at the latest. Cheers.
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Re: Rookie Camp - It's Not Just For Rookies

Terry Caulley and I came from the same high school and he put up some pretty good numbers for us and didnt do too shabby at Uconn either. If there wasnt already atleast 4 backs ahead of him id like to see him make some team. hes a work horse like the rest of these guys and hopefully one will stick out and make an impact for the skins this year.
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Re: Rookie Camp - It's Not Just For Rookies


Just watched the video interview with Joe at rookie camp, he mentioned the returning WR Steven Harris from last year's pratice squad, that they thought alot of sprained his knee or worse.

He also talked about being interested in a RB, to secure some depth at the position.

I'm sure we are in for a few suprises.
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Re: Rookie Camp - It's Not Just For Rookies

Looks like alot of the kids here have brothers or other family members who where/ are in the NFL. Brian Westbrook's brother is here for example
That got ugly fast
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