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Tomlinson Sounds Off on Vick Situation; No One Notices

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Old 06-14-2007, 09:07 PM   #16
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Re: Tomlinson Sounds Off on Vick Situation; No One Notices

He still admitted going to dog fights as a teenager, its horrible, I never thought of watching dogs kill each other when I was that young, why would he admit that in the midst of whats going on with Vick.
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Re: Tomlinson Sounds Off on Vick Situation; No One Notices

Joe Thomas was fishing the day of the draft, so he should be banned from the NFL for life! He was purposely ripping a sharp hook into the face of multiple fish for his own sick entertainment! He either kept the fish and skinned them alive or he threw them back in the water maimed and bleeding. Either way it's a disgrace!
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Re: Tomlinson Sounds Off on Vick Situation; No One Notices

Haha that fishing analogy is kinda how i feel about this horse racing/dogfighting thing. I'm not an activist nor do I hate animals as we have a family cat and a dog (yea i know talk about cliche). I fully acknowledge that dogfighting is cruel and inhumane, but there are authorities to handle that situation with Vick and I think we should let them take their course. Why does someone like Portis who is merely sounding off on that situation (exercising his 1st amendment rights) have to be vilified by the media and EVEN SKINS FANS? (I recall some people even saying his days in DC are numbered and that we should TRADE him!?!?!) When did the opinion of athletes interfere with their ability to play and our willingness to root for them? I think what Ali did by dodging the draft was cowardly and a cheap publicity stunt BUT i would have wholeheartedly attended his matches and cheered for him if had I been alive at the time. In a discussion about boxing I wouldn't call him a "bum" cuz of his draft-dodging and try to downplay his impact on the sport of boxing. Ditto Jim Brown and his reason for retiring. They were still DOMINANT athletes and that has nothing to do with their personal political views.
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