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A Diamond in the ruff

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: A Diamond in the ruff

Originally Posted by TheMalcolmConnection View Post
Yeah, I was TOTALLY on the Antonio Brown bandwagon ESPECIALLY after reading training camp reports where people were saying he was looking like the best receiver on the field. MAN, what a disappointment!
yeah here are some things I said

"BY FAR the best player at the game was non other than ANTONIO BROWN. The first play was a practice special teams play and antonio destroyed. he took it back and was touched after about 30 yards, and they stopped the play after he was touched. during the game he got more receptions that anyone else BY FAR, now i know what gibbs and CO. is talking about. I can't wait to see him during the year."

"everyone here has heard about marino's "quick arm", he can throw the ball out. It was obvious that the ravens didn't give brown enough room. on a play when brunnel was QB i said that the were playing way to close to Brownt to a raven fan, the guy said, Brown, our defense isn't scared of a no name receiver, as the play was hiked brown took off. He was open and i just kept on saying "see what i mean see what i mean" to the ravens fan, Brown was money and some of the Redskins fans listening in yelled BROWN BROWN. Finally brunnel throws Brown the ball when he is so far into the endzone. it was rediculous, had he thrown it earlier and placed it ahead of him it would have been a TD......... but since it was brunnel he waited and waited side stepped then threw. He threw to short and there wasn't much room to throw it long B/c brown was at the back of the endzone. The ball being thrown so short allowed the DB to turn around and catch it for an endzone interception. I heard some fans yell that brunnel sucks and such.
it hurt. it was so like last year. i am an optimistic person but really i felt horrible about Ramsey and Brunnel. I was thinking that finaly ramsey will show the world. he didn't. the only great play I SAW, was the shotgun formation. It was awsome to see it work the way it did, but i think ramsey just threw an accurate pass which he awasn't doing before. "

but seriously guys lets hope for the best. Antonio Brown was truly amazing. for those who have not seen him play this off season trust me, what people are saying is true. I really couldn't believe it. Brown caught 3x's as many balls as moss and patten together, i think. he was so fast and made one amazing catch while suspended in air. he is great on special teams and can be a big player for us"
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Re: A Diamond in the ruff

DE's will no longer matter. Big Gregg has a new plan for the Redskins: On the RAC: Washington Redskins Fan Club
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Re: A Diamond in the ruff

Originally Posted by sbaughone View Post
DE's will no longer matter. Big Gregg has a new plan for the Redskins: On the RAC: Washington Redskins Fan Club
are you spamming this website?
"It's better to be quiet and thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt."
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Re: A Diamond in the ruff

Originally Posted by diehardskin2982 View Post
great, wow what give you that impression?
The home game against CAR.
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