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Five Players to Watch in The NFC East '07 (This Isn't a J. Campbell Thread)

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Re: Five Players to Watch in The NFC East '07 (This Isn't a J. Campbell Thread)

Originally Posted by 5RINGS View Post
I don't think that Dallas will have much change in Defensive philosophy. The Phillips 3/4 is one gap. Parcells uses a 2 gap 3/4. There are more responsibilities in a two gap system. The one gap 'cheats' more in that you aren't lined up forehead to forehead with the Oline. Everything is shade left, shade right, shoot the gap get into the backfield. Pretty simple along the line.

It's all talk till the whistle blows, but The defense was lights out till December - top 5 in the L - And the offense was scoring - top 8.
Then the L figured out that we couldn't - some Parcells haters would say wouldn't - rush the passer effectively without Ellis, who went down with an Achilles tear.

As to Phillips as a so-so Head Coach who has never won anything?
Well, our last Coach is going to the HOF and has two SB rings, and he got us exactly 0 playoff wins....

( Phillips got caught up in the Rob Johnson/Doug Flutie thing in Buffalo, and was - according to most pundits in the Buff area - forced to start Johnson. Rob Johnson as your starting QB is going to get you fired in a hurry. Don't know about Denver. I do know that the situation with Garrett won't be a distraction. Jones is - like or hate him -a powerful presence in the organization, and won't let Garrett rush the situation. Also, Phillips is 63 years old and has been coaching for about 40 years. The Dallas gig wears on a coach with all the demands that come with it. I am sure Garrett is willing to learn on the job and wait the old guy out...)

Other than that, I think there is enough depth along the DLine that Spears can go f**k himself if he keeps playing like he has been. Between Ratliff an Hatcher, I think Spears is playing for his starting spot this year.
Canty is the real deal tho. He is solid. Not the best pass rusher, but a run stopper extrodinaire.

I personally thought the article blew, but that's me. I think the Skins and the Cowboys are going to duke it out for the top spot this year. Philly won't be far behind, and you know where that leaves the Giants.
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