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What!!!? Brunell to the Falcons?

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: What!!!? Brunell to the Falcons?

Originally Posted by Grim21Reaper View Post
There are college lines better than the Raiders' from last year.

I would consider Brooks' seasons at New Orleans, not the Raiders. When an organization is that dysfunctional you ignore anything that happened there.
He stank in NO too, except for one decent year.
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Re: What!!!? Brunell to the Falcons?

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
Charlie Frye???? C'mon. Yes we all know Brunell is as washed up as an old wet rag. But I would much rather have Brunell backing up JC than Frye. Frye has no arm what so ever. I think Brunell has a better, and the more accurate arm than Frye. Plus who says Frye is available anyway? He has a chance to win the job in Cleveland. Even if Anderson beats him out, Crennel's job is on the line and I don't see them putting a rookie this year. So I'd look for Frye to be 2nd string this year.

Riggins is full of crap. JC deserves to get a full year and I think he would have to play real poorly to get yanked. We have way too much invested in him and we just have to let the guy play and live with his mistakes. He is a young QB w/ only 7 starts so you know he is going to make mistakes so we are just going to have to live with it.

Where Gibbs screwed up is by not starting JC from the get go last year.

Cleveland Browns | Players :: Charlie Frye

I would take him in a heartbeat, he has more than enough arm strength to succeed, he's a very dedicated, and hard worker. He will make some team very happy at some point in his career.

In one sentence you agree Brunell is shot, why would you want him backing up? I don't get it? Further more if you put such emphasis on arm strength Brunell is the last QB you would want, how hard do you have to be able to throw the ball to complete an 6 yard pass? Which is all Brunell does, the guy is shot he wont look down field because his arm is to weak, and he's scared to death of getting hit, that's Brunell in a nut shell! If you want a QB with some NFL experience who could possibly be available, who's young and has a lot of upside it's Frey.
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