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Quick Recap

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 08-20-2007, 09:00 PM   #61
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Re: Quick Recap

I have been impressed with the play of the defense thus far. Injury, inconsistency, and lack of depth along the O-line has caused problems with pass protection, as well as not creating much room for the runners. I do however look for improvement in that area when Samuels returns to the lineup.

I'm happy that many ugly things can go unsaid about the atempt at a block by Heyer that led to the injury to Campbell. Had that situation turned out to be more serious, I can imagine some very unplesant things would have been said about the kid at LT assigned to protect the blind side of the franchise. His feble atempt didn't get much criticizm because the injury was not serious. I have a very uneasy feeling about him having to be cast into such a vital role with such limited experience. With Suggs, and the Ravens coming to town this week-end, it may be wise if Jason does not play.

I couldn't understand all the gates around Fed-Ex Saturday night, though there might be security concerns greater than usual.

Going to enjoy the 75th Anniversary CD, something I can give to my grand-children and say I was a part of much of that history.
A revolution is coming and it will be televised.
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Re: Quick Recap

Originally Posted by 12thMan View Post
I think we're probably splitting hairs between the two of them, to be honest. But Collins has had a better preseason for whatever it's worth.
The Colts have LOST 8 of their last 9 preseason games. That's what preseason is worth.
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Re: Quick Recap

Originally Posted by 4mrusmc View Post
Yeah Buster I heard that too. And what got me is that Joey T. didn't correct him.
Good, I'm not crazy. Well...ok, my hearing is good.
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Re: Quick Recap

There were times in the game where the D would get fired up and shut them down. They all seemed to be playing with a chip on their sholders and that makes me feel comfortable with that side of the ball.

Cooley was looking amazing and had Jason not gotten hurt on that play, I think you might have seen more of Cooley looking like Tony Gonzales.
No pressure, no diamonds.
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