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Gibbs hinted that Springs is hiding an injury

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 09-13-2007, 03:38 AM   #76
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Re: Gibb's hinted that Spring's is hiding an injury

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
I thought Tom Friend had said it wasn't Springs, I'll see if I can dig that up.

As for Springs claiming to be fully healthy, maybe he is but when's the last time any player admitted to being hurt (short of being on IR)? Players always say they're fine until they absolutely can't take the field.

Especially since he will be looking for a new contract next year. He would like to be able to say he was completely healthy this whole entire season. Being tagged as injury-prone diminishes his market value.
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Re: Gibbs hinted that Springs is hiding an injury

i just think its been so long since Springs has been fully healthy, he doesn't know how that feels anymore. and not to beat a dead horse. but... if he is 100%, lets get him on the field as much as possible
"It's better to be quiet and thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt."
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Re: Gibb's hinted that Spring's is hiding an injury

Originally Posted by mlmpetert View Post
I wish I had a good reason why I thought/think it was Springs. I guess just a gut feeling with influence from the media.

Either way just saw his interview on Sports Net and he said that he doesnt care who starts that it doesnt matter, whatever it takes to win. But he said it with a smerk and kinda "whatever" attitude. I cant really describe the way he said it, but it definately wasnt sincere.

I think in high school you could describe whats going on here as "drama", hopefully not anything to big yet. I really hope theres no bitterness or spite between GW and Springs.
If it was him there's no way the team would have brought him back. Why would you want a guy like that in the locker room??
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Old 09-14-2007, 09:03 PM   #79
Uncle Phil
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Re: Gibbs hinted that Springs is hiding an injury

So is it Fred Smoot's turn this week to have the "hamstring injury"?

Washington Redskins

Good article in Today's Wash Post (I think it was today's) about how the corners will be rotated all year to confuse the opponents...and the corners themselves, apparently.
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