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Passing Offense Statistics.......Fix It Gibbs

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Passing Offense Statistics.......Fix It Gibbs

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
I think Cooley in to pass protect is a big concern. A result, unfortunately, of losing both Jansen and Thomas. Particularly Thomas. They definitely need to figure out a way to correct this and use him to his strengths, which is as a receiver.
Well, the obvious solution is to play Yoder and Cooley on passing downs. Yoder stays in for extra protection and an emergency outlet also.

Don't have an established third receiver? Having to keep your second target in for pass pro? Will someone please put two and two together?!

And if Yoder isn't good enough, lets bring in a blocking TE that is.
according to a source with knowledge of the situation.
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Re: Passing Offense Statistics.......Fix It Gibbs

I dont know about you all, but JC looked more unsettle Sunday than in the past two games. I agree that he defineately shows poise under pressure, but I would also have to think he is also human and will succum to the pressure eventually. I mean he techniqually still is a rookie after all.

One point that sticks out for me that is different to any other situation JC may have faced is that he finally got National Recognition on Monday Night Football of the talent we have all knew he already had. Later in the week was filled about of the 2 and 0 Redskins and their young QB that had the looks to be good, even great according to some articles.

I do know pressure plays a part in every play and that given time JC should be up for the challege. Besides isnt that why Gibbs loves veterans for QB's? They have the experience to handle pressure in order to reduce mistakes and mental errors. JC just needs more experience under his belt. Gibbs knows this and Im sure he is just being cautious.
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Re: Passing Offense Statistics.......Fix It Gibbs

I think Gibbs and Saunders need to stop being careful and let JC rip it off.. Yes I do expect JC to make some mistakes but that is how he can learn to be better QB.. And beside if Gibbs and Saunders are being careful with JC, then JC would not take this as a good sign..
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