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Part II: What I Saw in Training Camp

Redskins Locker Room

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Part II: What I Saw in Training Camp

Today's practice was definitely more spirited than yesterday's, when the heat was unbearable to almost all in attendance. The best thing today had to be autograph time; Patrick Ramsey signed autographs for about 20 minutes, Lavernues Coles was signing quite a few himself, and Joe Gibbs even came by and signed for a while. Too bad I only got one autograph ! I got Phillip Daniel's autograph and he said he is ready to go for another big season and that he'll be back in camp soon (he has been sidelined with an abdominal strain).

One thing that excited me and alot of other people there today was the play of our new safety Sean Taylor. I have to have heard about 15 people commenting about how huge he looks in the secondary. He was seemingly all over the place and ready to make a play. Two notable situations were when he hit a running back before he made it past the line of scrimmage and when he darted through a crowd to put a hit on another running back. He also did a superb job in the man-to-man coverage drills, nearly picking off one pass and doing a good job of almost knocking the ball out the receiver's hands on another play.

Fred Smoot also stepped up today and did a pretty good job covering Lavernues Coles after he had a few problems yesterday covering the likes of Gari Scott! He nearly intercepted Ramsey's pass to Coles during man-to-man drills. Coles seemed to walk around a little better today, which surprised me. I think he might just aggravate his toe every once in a while and that might cause him to limp.

Ramsey looked sharpest again today for the most part. He showed off his gun during some of the passing drills and his passes were right on the money. Brunnell did pretty well too, but as many people have already said his passes just don't look as crisp.

on a side note, I was glad that I had a four-wheel drive car today considering the fact that the mud forced quite a few cars to get stuck. One notable incident occured by my car with a yellow mustang which nearly painted my car with mud, but luckily I saw the guy and pulled out quickly.

By the way, I figured out the best way to get autographs...BRING A KID!!! Trust me it's the only way to get 'em sometimes. A lot of kids were even crawling under the barrier into the VIP section to get autographs. :thumb:

***Matty or anyone else who might know, I have some pictures that I took on a digital camera. I was wondering if I could upload them and also the size of the files you would want. Thanks :cool-smil
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Hey, thanks a bunch for the info. Anytime you can share such information, it is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work. Between you and Joe, we've got some great reports and reporters!
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Winskins, you can email me the pics, if they're too big I can shrink them down no problem

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do you put all the pics up on the pic section of the board? Its awesome how many pics are already up there.
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