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A Moment Of Silence (A Lesson In Class)

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: A Moment Of Silence (A Lesson In Class)

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
Well I'm not surprised by the actions of Ravens fans, I could clearly hear "The Redskins Suck", because they hate the Redskins. But some things should transcend sports. Respect for human life should be one of them.

I heard a lot of respectful moments of silence yesterday. But I didn't hear it at FedEx where I should have heard it...or better said, not heard. No matter what people were hollring, point is (imo) they should have said nothing.

And Lewis definitely looked pissed
It sounded pretty quiet to me inside of the stadium, but in the concourse is where you could still hear talking. I was in between the two during the moment of silence. I highly doubt that people were running their mouths on purpose. I think that many of them were unaware it was going on because they hadn't taken their seats yet.

FYI, my trap was shut and my head was bowed.

I was shocked at how quiet it was in Dallas on Thursday night.
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Re: A Moment Of Silence (A Lesson In Class)

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
I think that most people have this backwards. We have seen thousands and thousands of fans, players, coaches and who ever else pay their respects to Sean Taylor. Its a hand full of people at most of the stadiums that have not shown the respect. I feel it shows that most people do look past the game and did show respect but here people are making a big deal of the few who did not. We are better off just to ignore these people and move on with life.

Unfortunately there is always going to be a handful of a-holes and d-bags out there in any situation.

We shouldn't waste our time on them. Don't let a few morons drag us down.
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Re: A Moment Of Silence (A Lesson In Class)

I have trouble ignoring things that I think are signs of an overall lowering of standards in our culture. It doesn't matter if you're at a game, a graduation, a fucking movie, it seems that whenever EVERYONE KNOWS that you're supposed to be quiet, some clown has to take the opportunity to make a spectacle of themselves. If no one complains about it and shames people into doing the right thing, then it become ok after awhile.
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