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Campbell's Shortcoming

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 12-05-2007, 06:37 PM   #46
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Re: Campbell's Shortcoming

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
Our line play was really bad last Sunday but has not been all that bad this year even with all of our injuries. He has lost several fumbles where the defender would not have had a sack and just was able to knock the ball loose. he has had several fumbles while running and added another last week. Our team is averaging 2.33 fumbles per game thats 28 for the year and loosing 1.25 per game. Thats if I did the math right.
28 fumbles divided by 12 games=2.33
15 lost fumbles divided by 12 games=1.25
As far as I'm concerned....Sunday was the worst i have seen the O-line play all season.... Campbell will be just fine..
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Old 12-05-2007, 07:52 PM   #47
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Re: Campbell's Shortcoming

Campbell is going to be great I believe. But seriously, the dude fumbles ALOT. I'm sure that is something that he and the coaches will solve in the offseason.
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Re: Campbell's Shortcoming

What Campbell really needs to avoid is taking the Patrick Ramsey career path. That is showing flashes of skill, showing that he has the arm to make all the throws, leading the team to victory here and there, but ultimately showing no progress over a three year period.

Ramsey, despite his flashes which tempted so many into thinking he could be a good one, never improved his feel for the rush, his deep ball accuracy, or his turnover rate.

As long as Campbell shows SOME improvement next year, then I'm good. He doesn't have to turn into Elway overnight. But I don't want to see a total lack of progress, a la Patrick Ramsey. That will throw up a red flag for me.

We need to be patient and see how he finishes this season and how he does next year. But by no means should he be anointed "the man" just yet. He still needs to pass the same level of scrutiny as any other QB.
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