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JC...how long does dislocated patella take to heal??

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: JC...how long does dislocated patella take to heal??

Originally Posted by JWsleep View Post
JLC reported that Thomas was fine--it was more soreness from getting back. He didn't want a setback so he shut it down. Or something like that.

I think the skins will take JC slow. No need to rush it in the grander scheme of things. Get him healthy and ready for next year, unless he REALLY heals quick.
That's good news about Thomas. I had a bunch of fellow Skins fans over to my house last night for the game, and we were all drinking beer and yelling at the game, so all I heard was he left with an "arm injury." All I thought was, great, he re-injured his triceps.

If Collins keeps playing like this, we'll be good. We play three pretty soft pass defenses over the next 3 weeks, and I agree that there is no need to rush Jason back.
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Re: JC...how long does dislocated patella take to heal??

Originally Posted by JWsleep View Post
Latest from JLC on JC--JLC will update again soon, apparently. (Note the Auburn curse--I was going to mention that yesterday.)

What I'm Hearing On Campbell

Spoke to some sources close to him who say that barring something crazy showing up on the MRI - and the Redskins and their doctors do not expect anything severe in this case - that this looks like a 4 week injury.

They are reading the MRI now, but the early sentiment expressed to Campbell was that it was "nothing major," and a standard dislocated knee cap. Coach Gibbs might not have the full word when he speaks to us at 3 pm, so we may have to wait until later in the afternoon to speak to Bubba and get the final word on the injury and Campbell's projected recovery.

Also, to continue what has been a nasty trend, this is likely now the 4th member of that 2005 Auburn offensive, first-round draft class to suffer a season ending knee injury. Campbell follows teammate Carlos Rogers, Miami'a Ronnie Brown and Tampa's Cadillac Williams. Strange.
Anyone want to start a thread now about how Auburn players must be on steroids, as was suggested of my beloved Penn State when Lavar and Courtney Brown both suffered multiple injuries in their career?
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