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How Will Collins Peform Down The Stretch???

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: How Will Collins Peform Down The Stretch???

Originally Posted by onlycollinsfaninBuf View Post
Very well. Surprised at how negative the Redskins fans are on this board after the game Collins had.

But that is what I expected of Collins. I am Bills fan and think that getting rid of Collins was the worst move I had ever seen by this franchise, giving up picks to get the unproven Johnson, wasting millions of dollars, and setting us back for years. Collins would still be starting in Buffalo if the Bills hadn't blown it. I believe he would have been a pro bowl caliber quarterback.

During his 2nd year in the league he had to play (when Kelly was hurt) for three weeks, and Collins played great football--extremely accurate, fearless in the pocket, and smart with the football.

The next year he started and, I feel, played very well in the first part of the season, including leading the Bills to one of the biggest comebacks in NFL history. He was the victim of very poor decsions (and coaching) by the Bills.

I can only tell you what he looked like ten years ago, but here it is:

Collins has excellent arm strength and has a great long ball. His passes are very crisp and seem easy to catch as they are well placed.

He is very accurate. I believe he held the Michigan record for accuracy. he has shown it in the preseason on a regular basis. He will show that same accuracy when given a chance in the NFL.

He is unflappable in the pocket, was ever since he started those 3 games in his second year. In responses to this post I have read that he holds on to the ball too long. Well, maybe, but he is always looking down the field and going through his progressions, until he is out of time. That is what you want in a quarterback. He won't take a lot of bad plays though, gets rid of the ball or runs.

And he moves well, in the pocket and out of it if need be. He has good pocket presence and because of his athleticism and intelligence he is able to get away from pressure.

Very intelligent and you see it in his football.

I remember sitting in Rich Stadium and after a few nice long balls from Collins the old guy in front of me said he throws like Johhy Unitas. I agreed.

Hey, better late than ever. This is your quarterback of the future, even at 36
Welcome to the board! Nice to know there's at least one Collins fan out there.

To address some of your points, we're not all negative. I was impressed as all hell with Collins the other night, I had no idea he had that in him. I'm hoping it wasn't a one time thing, if he can keep playing at that level the Skins will have a good shot at winning out.

I agree that he's accurate but I think his arm strength isn't what it once may have been. Some of his passes floated a bit, but to his credit they were on target.

He did look very cool in the pocket and he definitely knows the offense inside and out. I'm actually more optimistic about these last 3 games with Collins in there than I would have been with Campbell believe it or not.
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Re: How Will Collins Peform Down The Stretch???

Originally Posted by Mattyk72 View Post
-Besides Saunders he knows this offense better than anyone.
-Because of his knowledge of the offense he tends to get rid of the ball quickly and he seems to have a nice touch and accuracy on his throws

-He's been a career backup for a reason
-Not much mobility
-Not much arm strength
i agree, glad someone said this. reading thru this thread everyone is saying TC holds onto the ball too long but to me its the opposite. JC would hold onto the ball and not throw it until a receiver is open and looking at him. with TC it seems he gets rid of the ball quicker and more on-time for saunders precision timing routes. the second a reciever is in open space the ball has already left TC's hands where as with JC the second the receiver is open thats when he starts his wind up.

plus TC made some great hot route blitz reads in the bears game, but he does float that ball out there which is a problem.

ps - im support campbell 100% but he has to learn from collins if this saunders type passing game is going to be fluid.

qoute from moss about watching collins in practice- "I just watch how fluent he is when he runs the offense."

go skins!
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Re: How Will Collins Peform Down The Stretch???

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
Maybe JC could throw the long ball but how long has it been sense he threw a completed long pass.
Well I guess he hasn't thrown any 30+ or 40+ passes lately, but it's the fact of the matter that they know he can throw deep keep the defense honest. If I was the opponent I would put 8 in the box eliminating the short passes & running game. Make TC throw the 15+ passes but I do feel TC will do well.

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
First they ban winning...now this?
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Re: How Will Collins Peform Down The Stretch???

As far as a knock on Collins throwing the longball, You don't really need the really long ball if you can throw a 15-20 yard pass that hits the WR or TE in stride for YAC. That is my personal knock on Campbell. Campbell has not been accurate enough this year for a receiver to "continue" the play because all of the receivers are jumping or streching just to make the catch. Several of Collins passes against the Bears went for extra yardage, because the receivers could catch them on the run and continue the play. That is big to me. Accuracy is more important than arm strength.
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