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ESPN Ranks the Top 64 QB's

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: ESPN Ranks the Top 64 QB's

Originally Posted by Coff View Post
I really wish you hadn't posted that; it's depressing on far too many levels.
Yeah. Add it to the fact that Norv Turner is the head coach of a playoff bound team, and it's enough to make you cry.
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Re: ESPN Ranks the Top 64 QB's

Originally Posted by The Zimmermans View Post
Plus he is more accurate, with a quicker release, a stronger arm, and no running game
I assume you are saying Peyton is the better one, but just in case you weren't, and you are saying Brady was better...

Manning 64.0% comp.
Brady 63.0% comp.
Advantage - Manning.

Manning has a stronger arm by far, and that is common knowledge.

About the running game...they are actually very similar over the last 4 years:
(pats 1st, colts 2nd)
2007, 14th - 12th (colts by only 2)
2006, 12th - 18th (pats by 4)
2005, 24th - 16th (colts by 8)
2004, 7th - 15th (pats by 8)
Advantage, Patriots (barely).

So the colts have a better running game this year by only 2 teams. Pretty damn close though. Overall, the last 4 years (including this year), the Pats have actually had a slightly better running game. But not by much. So the no running game comment doesn't really work for either team. It's too close to call.
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