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Rocky's out for the season, perhaps gone until 2009

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Rocky's out for the season, perhaps gone until 2009

Originally Posted by Sheriff Gonna Getcha View Post
Well JLC is reporting that Rocky tore his MCL and ACL, may be out until 2009, and that it typically takes 18-24 months to fully recover from such severe injuries. That's a big blow. Between the severe injuries to Thomas, Jansen, Campbell, Rocky, and Rogers, the loss of Sean Taylor, and the nagging injuries to Rabach, Wade, ARE, Moss, Thrash, Washington, Griffin and Smoot, it is nothing short of astounding that we are 7-7. That's 12/22 starters who are either done for or who have been suffering throughout the year.
That's true, but it's not even a complete list -- we also lost Brandon Lloyd for the year [insert joke here], and at least Heyer, Springs, Portis, and Sellers have each missed time due to injury. So I think the tally is something more like 17/22 starters affected. I suspect we could confirm that no team has ever had to contend with this kind of carnage. Apart from the number of games missed, the sheer number of people affected is really hard to overcome as chemistry is so important. So in a sense, it is harder to have constant flux than losing a few players early for the year. We, sadly, have had both.
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Re: Rocky's out for the season, perhaps gone until 2009

Originally Posted by onlydarksets View Post
You mean like these? Yeah, I'd imagine that would slow him down.
Not that type! - I was thinking of the one that you often see offensive lineman & qb's wear. But I saw from Matty's post that Linebackers and players in positions where there is a lot of cutting could not get away with wearing a brace.

I agree Matty that wearing them may not prevent a lot of the injuries - I am just trying to think of any way to prevent what we have witnessed on this team this year with injuries, but I guess it is just the "unluck of the draw" and our Skins are on the bad end of the injury bug.

Maybe one positive that comes out of this is that a lot of the players who normally don't start got some playing time and experience and that will help with depth in the future - although I heard that the normal team turnover in the NFL is somewhere around 25%, so a lot of the players may be elsewhere in years to come.
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Re: Rocky's out for the season, perhaps gone until 2009

This is f**king great!! WTF!! we are cursed.
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