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Proud of the team for this season

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 12-24-2007, 01:05 AM   #46
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Re: Proud of the team for this season

people werent sipping the kool aid... lets all get together and beat dallas!!!!
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Old 12-24-2007, 02:52 AM   #47
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Re: Proud of the team for this season

I agree with the matt, this team deserves nothing but a pat on the back for the hard play they have showed us. They easily could have called this season over after the murder of are beloved Sean Taylor! I'm truley proud to be a diehard fan of this team and to wear the colors proudly! I love the redskins no matter what, wether we win or lose and I have nothing but respect to the whole redskins organization and fans. How we have all come together for one another at this time is just amazing. I wish this never happened but god works in mysterious ways and I can only say that even though we all knew ST was probally going to be a hall of famer. But with his death it cemented his name in redskins histroy forever and that us fans will never forget him and that he died a hero to his family. God Bless ST and the Washington Redskins! HTTR
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Old 12-24-2007, 03:37 AM   #48
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Re: Proud of the team for this season

No one diserves a victory more than the Skins next week not even the pats, it means so much more to us to get a victory than anyone else...

What a season it would be for the skins to get into the playoffs after everything that has happened, regardless of what happens next week...Sean Taylor would of smiled about tonight.

4-0 or we don't go...is the mentality we need to play with... this is a playoff game next week basically.

Todd Collins doesn't have alot of football left in him im sure...I hope he goes out on top.

lets give the fans and all of the D.C. area and the players something to smile about in such a bad time
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Old 12-24-2007, 06:11 AM   #49
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Re: Proud of the team for this season

these kinds of seasons are the reason that coach Gibbs ALWAYS looks at players character. it would have been real easy, with all the injuries, and Sean taylor's death, to fold up and pack in the rest of the season. people with strong character will always do what is supposed to be done, regardless of their surroundings. our team should be nothing but proud of the way they have hung together. and now i hope they top it off with a win over Dallas. and then to the playoffs
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Old 12-30-2007, 08:22 PM   #50
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Re: Proud of the team for this season

Another well deserved bump for this thread!
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