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Tony McGee on The Giants/Vikings/Playoffs

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Thank You, Sean.
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Tony McGee on The Giants/Vikings/Playoffs

Happy Holidays Everyone.

Who would have thought the Redskins would be in this position a just a few weeks ago after that loss to Buffalo. They have been impressive as of late, and the mediocre NFC is making this a fun end of the season for the Redskins. Last week against the Giants, they did a lot of things well and we'll see how that rolls over to the game against Minnesota on Sunday. The weather last week played a major factor, and that wind in Giants stadium is easily the worst in the NFL. The Skins' did a great job of handling it, and the Giants did not. The Redskins as a whole outplayed the Giants, but that could be a closer game if not for the weather.

The Redskins did a great job getting pressure on Eli Manning on Sunday, and it will be interesting to see how they do this weekend. If you noticed last week, the one guy who really forced a lot of the pressure was Andre Carter, who this week will be facing Bryant McKinnie. The Redskins may have to look to other ways to create pressure against a young quarterback in Tavaris Jackson. Washington has been playing really good defense as of late, and the key to this game, will obviously be stopping the rush and forcing the young quarterback to beat you. I really like the defense that Laron Landry has been playing as of late. Moving to Free Safety and doing a lot of what Sean Taylor did earlier in the year. This kid is really starting to come along, and I believe he was named an alternate for the pro bowl, which is impressive in your rookie year.

Offensively on Sunday, the key is going to be establishing some type of rush game, and possibly using a lot of screens to open things up. If Winfield doesn't play for Minnesota, that will be very big for the Redskins, because he is a shut down type of corner back. Todd Collins has done a phenomenal job not turning the ball over, something that plagued the Redskins earlier this year. That is in no way a knock on Jason Campbell, because thats going to come with a young quarterback, but a few less turnovers this year late in games, the Redskins probably have clinched by this point. Again, Jason for his first full year starting was great and has a bright future. He could also do a lot of things Todd Collins can't do, which is why him not turning the ball over is very key.

I like the Redskins on Sunday. With the way they have been playing defense lately, and the lack of turnovers offensively, I think this is a game they will win.

Looking at the other two games that greatly effect Washington...Saints/Eagles, I like the Saints in this one. I think the Eagles are a team that can beat anyone but now being officially out of the playoffs I think will hurt them...although the Saints are only as good as Drew Brees so anything can happen. Giants/Bills...I like Buffalo in this one. The Giants are not looking good right now, and I don't think there is anyway they beat New England so this game against the Bills is really big. The Bills have played good football, and really suffered from awful conditions in Cleveland. I believe Kevin Everett is coming to address the Bills stadium on Sunday, so they should be pretty excited for this game.

Happy Holidays!
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Camp Scrub
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Re: Tony McGee on The Giants/Vikings/Playoffs

Winfield is NOT a shutdown corner, not even close. What he is, is the best tackling CB in the league and that is part of what helps the MN defense play such good run defense. The rookie CB that replaced him when he was injured did as good or better in coverage than Winfield but it was pretty obvious that he isnt the same as Winfield in run support. The Pack is the only team to really effectively run on the Vikes this year and that was the first game they played without Winfield.
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Re: Tony McGee on The Giants/Vikings/Playoffs

Thank you Tony.

Happy Holidays!
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