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Tony McGee on the Vikings/Cowboys

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Thank You, Sean.
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Tony McGee on the Vikings/Cowboys

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a nice, safe and happy holiday this past week and will this upcoming week as well.

The Redskins played one of their best two games last week against the Vikings (outside of probably Detroit). They dominated the game almost throughout and although Minnesota had some momentum in the third quarter, you never really felt the game was out of question. The Redskins are relying the same things in this three game winning streak that they did when they ran off five in 2005. Clinton Portis is doing a phenomenal job of rushing the football, and with that the offensive line is playing much better football as of late. They are giving Clinton the holes he needs to be the type of explosive player that we know that he can be. Furthermore, that is opening up the down field passing game as well, as the Redskins seem to be having a much easier time finding open guys down field. In addition, you can't say much more about how this defense has played, basically since that last Dallas game. They let up just 1 TD against Tampa Bay, which was about a twenty-yard drive. Unfortunately, they did let up that last drive vs. Buffalo, but they still didn't allow a touchdown. They have been phenomenal in the three game winning streak, including stopping the best rushing attack in the Vikings last week. If you can run the ball well, and play that type of defense than you are going to win a lot of football games in the NFL.

On the Sellers TD, I thought he was in, but I can see how he could have been ruled out as well. However, regardless of the call you make, I did not think that there was conclusive evidence either way, so the call that was on the field should have been upheld regardless of which one it was. There was no conclusive visual evidence from the replays I saw.

Now we look at Dallas, a team that is "playing for nothing". Now I have never really been in that position. Even when I played on really good teams, I still think we always were playing for something, whether it is home field, a playoff spot or anything. Now, "playing for nothing" doesn't mean that they are just going to mail it in and not try. Yes, they likely will have worse players playing the game, but they are all professionals and will all play as tough as they can. Still, the Redskins players are better than the Cowboys back up players, period. The thing I guess I worry the most about is if some of the Redskins think they're playing a team that is mailing it in, because they will lose a football game if they don't approach it with the right mindset.

Still, I think the Redskins pull this one out. If they play the type of defense they've played lately and have success rushing like they have the past two weeks, they have no problem against the Cowboys.

Happy New Years Guys. Hopefully, we can discuss Seattle next week.
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