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Can someone please explain this ESPN poll?

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Old 01-03-2008, 11:58 AM   #1
Camp Scrub
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Can someone please explain this ESPN poll?

So I came across the following poll on ESPN and I have some brief observations:

ESPN.com: SPORTSNATION - SportsNation Polling - 3306

Seriously….you people are something else. The Seahawks are gonna kick you’re a$$ and then toss your collective salads afterwords. Redskins win a close game? Are you guys nuts? It’s not gonna be close. Seahawks are going to win this game by 10+ points. I’m so confident, I’m willing to give out my private email and eat crow if the above scenario doesn’t happen. The Seahawks are a vastly superior team just like they were two years ago.

London Fletcher is a bigger impact than Patrick Kerney? Sure, London Fletcher has had a distinguished career. She went through a great stretch when SHE was solving cases on CBS’ Murder She Wrote but that show is long gone. Kerney is number 2 in sacks and turned the entire defense into a ballhawking squad. Someone had the balls to bring up the game against Atlanta as an indication on how good Seattle’s defense is. Yeah guys, Seattle was really trying having the #3 seed locked up. I guess you guys also think you’re 20 points better than the Cowboys too.

Todd Collins has been the main reason of your turnaround? I SO hope the Redskins are counting on that? Is this the same Todd Collins I haven’t heard of since he left Buffalo almost a decade ago? If you guys think he is going to lead you to victory, you are in for a rude awakening.

You guys make parallels to your team and the 1991 Redskins. No, that team, while not as great as the ’98 Broncos, was still one of the greats….you guys are mediocre, if that.

Finally, one last clown says that Wilbon predicts the Skins to make it to the NFC Championship. Well, that’s the most compelling argument yet….If Michael Wilbon says its true it must be true!

Reality check ladies, you guys aren’t going to win this game, you’re barely going to score 10 points. This game will be over by the mid 3rd quarter. PERIOD. I’m tired of you East Coast clowns with no knowledge disrespecting a vastly superior team located in the NorthWest. I’ll tell you what’s going to happen, you guys are going to get blown out and take so many false start calls you’ll be crying to the NFL “Ohhhh the Seahawks are so mean, ohhhh it was too loud, they must be piping stadium noise into the speakers” just like your sissy NFC East brethren, the Giants.

Final Prediction: Seahawks 251, Redskins 0
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Fight for old DC!
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Re: Can someone please explain this ESPN poll?

Later broncoted.....it was good knowing you.
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Re: Can someone please explain this ESPN poll?

Peace out d-bag, we'll save this thread and all point and laugh at you after the game.
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Old 01-03-2008, 02:32 PM   #4
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Re: Can someone please explain this ESPN poll?

It's not like we haven't been to Seattle before. In fact, when the Seahawks were at their absolute peak in 2005 (the year they went to the Super Bowl), we went to Seattle with a team that had less than zero offense. Curiously, the score was not 251-0.

Even with my puny Easy Coast brain, I know that the Redskins (#8 defense overall) had a better defense than the Seahawks (#15 overall), and did so against better opposition (.563 opponent's winning percetnage vs. .414 opponent's winning percentage). Seriously, .414 schedule strength? You are aware that that's the easiest schedule in the league, right? I guess getting fat off of the Rams, Niners, and Cardinals can make you feel like a world beater, but give me a break.

As for London Fletcher, all he did was out-tackle Lofi Tatupu. That's right, smart guy. Our broken-down, "Murder She Wrote" MLB outperformed Seattle's budding superstar. I'm not sure how it works in the rarified air of the Pacific Northwest, but on the East Coast, tackles are how you stop a guy.
There's nowhere to go but up. Or down. I guess we could stay where we are, too.
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Uncle Phil
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Re: Can someone please explain this ESPN poll?

Speaking of ESPN...if anyone is interested right now (3p EST) on ESPN2 you can watch a recap of the 1983 NFC Championship game vs. San Fran. On until 4:30p
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Franchise Player
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Re: Can someone please explain this ESPN poll?

I can't wait to watch the Broncos in the playoffs!
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I like big (_|_)s.
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Re: Can someone please explain this ESPN poll?

Regret nothing. At one time it was exactly what you wanted.
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