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The Kiss of Death - PK Picks Skins

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 01-03-2008, 05:55 PM   #16
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Re: The Kiss of Death - PK Picks Skins

NOOOOOOOO!!!! I can't stand Peter King. I guess it is getting pretty hard for anyone even P.K to ignore what were doing. I still wish he would have picked Seattle
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Re: The Kiss of Death - PK Picks Skins

Originally Posted by BrudLee View Post
The Redskins had the 2nd hardest schedule in the league - opponents won .555. The Seahawks had the easiest schedule in the league, by far - opponents won .414 (to put it in perspective, the second easiest schedule was .430, or four more wins). The Redskins played seven games against playoff teams this year. The Seahawks played two games against playoff teams this year.

It's clear that the Seahawks were the beneficiaries of a good schedule. We will find out if they are a good team.
The flip side is that they haven't played a truly meaningful game in a while. Gotta think that they should've beat Carolina and ATL if they thought it mattered.
Playing a kids game for a kings ransom.
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Old 01-04-2008, 04:35 AM   #18
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Re: The Kiss of Death - PK Picks Skins

Originally Posted by Sheriff Gonna Getcha View Post
I know that most people hate Peter King and think there is a media conspiracy against the Redskins. With regard to hating Peter King, the guy has been writing extremely positive snippets about this team, the players, and the coaches virtually the entire season. The guy owned up to being wrong about Art and the HoF. The guy consistently had us ranked higher in his "Fine Fifteen" than teams with better records. He does not have it out for us.

As for the rest of the media hating us.....they don't. The media gushes over teams like the Patriots. Why? Because they win, win, win. Now that we are winning the media is raving about Gibbs, guys like Portis and Collins, and the team in general. The media hates on the losers and loves the winners.
Of course with the way they talk about a team like the Bengals, you'd think they'd just gone 0-16, not one play away from .500.

The media assumes that their preseason expectations are 100% correct despite significant evidence to the contrary. Then, whenever those rankings are proven weak (i.e. every year), they get all shocked and start making up stories to justify the shitty rankings they made and then they give the rookie of the year award to a guy like Vince Young.

The media, as a whole, is a very unintelligent entity. But they do not have it out for the Redskins or any other team.
according to a source with knowledge of the situation.
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Re: The Kiss of Death - PK Picks Skins

I think everyone is warming up to the fact that we are a really good ball team, we've just had the ball bounce the other way a couple of times. 4-5 plays and we could be 13-3 just as easy. Jimmy Johnson was saying the other day on ESPN that we are the most under rated team in the playoffs. We just have to start playing big time football.
We are always superbowl contenders in March!!! HTTR!!!!!!!!
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