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Do we have anyone we can off-load for Picks.

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 02-21-2008, 12:53 PM   #46
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Re: Do we have anyone we can off-load for Picks.

Originally Posted by DiehardSkin88 View Post
Hahaha.... He's more than smacked, your cookin crack buddy. You need to chill out with that stuff, its nooo good.
Yeah, I was on Percocets too... my bad guys... it's still kinda ok of a post, but my bad. No more bong hits and Percocets. LOLOL
He's super smart, and plays his guts out.
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Re: Do we have anyone we can off-load for Picks.

Originally Posted by SkinsFanSince91 View Post
Randle El is trade bait. Yea, he is good, but he is grossly overpaid. I think we can do without him, and by trading him that will free up some space for a free agent splash ( Mark my words, we will need one good one this offseason - trust me).
100% agree. Randle El just is not worth it period.

If we were to go after Roy Williams, Larry Fitzgerlad, or Moss (if he doesnt want to return), we would need cap room. And not that I am a Gm or anything, but it is illogical in the salary cap era to have so much of yoiur cap allocated to one position (e.g. Detroit). If we kept S. Moss and ARE and then tried to draft a receiver in the 1st or get on via free agency, we would essentially be loking up a hefty percentage of our cap at the WR postion. That will come back to haunt us.
In another thread I pointed out the importance of Roy Williams...6'4", only 26, proven big time WR etc...due to the injury bug, we can get him cheaper than Larry Fitzgerald and Randy Moss. I heard in passing that New England either has or will put the franchise tag on R. Moss...not sure how accurate that is, but it's possible / probable. No matter what, we need to get rid of Randle El before bringing in a top notch WR, or we have to hope that Anthony Mix is ready.

I love ARE, but we can trade him, open up cap space, and get a draft pick in the process. Remember that ARE was part of Gibbs doing, and we need to start undoing some of Joe Gibbs organized chaos.
I'm not as high on Randle El OTHER than he is a great locker room presence, and is of high character. That's what Gibbs did best, and I for one am glad he did it. He even helped to turn around Sean Taylor. So I am not so sure I want to undo what Gibbs did, I'd prefer to complement it.

The real question is what could we get for ARE that we could live with, and in doing so who would you draft with that pick?
If Detroit is willing to part (or at least entertain the notion) of Reggie Brown and a 4th for Roy Williams, I don't see how Randle El and maybe a 3rd or 4th wouldn't be possible.
Good post overall though, I think you're on the money.
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Old 02-21-2008, 01:46 PM   #48
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Re: Do we have anyone we can off-load for Picks.

Thanks. Just want the WR position to stop being a c*ck tease ever siince santana had that monster season two years ago.
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Old 02-21-2008, 02:15 PM   #49
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Re: Do we have anyone we can off-load for Picks.

Brandon Lloyd...Somebody.....Anybody.....Please!!

Get back the two picks we gave up for him [one of which was a fourth] and would give us a full compliment for 2008.
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Re: Do we have anyone we can off-load for Picks.

i think el's contract kinda keeps him here, so i don't think that's really the most viable way to go when you figure another big contract for the new guy and that'd we'd have to throw in extras anyways.
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