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I hate to be the hater, but Eli sucked (sponsored by the player haters ball)

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Old 02-05-2008, 12:51 PM   #76
Camp Scrub
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Re: I hate to be the hater, but Eli sucked (sponsored by the player haters ball)

People commenting that Eli did not play well are exactly why I am sometimes ashamed of fellow Skins fans... you cannot see anything objectively.

Considering the pressure of the game, the inexperience in the Superbowl, the litteral pressure he felt from the Pats DL -- and teh fact that he won the game for the giants. How can you not say that he didnt play well?? or wasnt mvp???

If you can give an MVP to more than 1 person -- absolutely give it to the D line. But you cant do that. Eli was the obvious and only choice and it was deserved.
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Re: I hate to be the hater, but Eli sucked

Originally Posted by jsarno View Post
Cause he's not Peyton. Peyton could be the best ever, and people expect Eli to follow in his footsteps. (which he is obviously not) Eli is Eli and people need to learn to stop such high expectations. Eli will never be Peyton.
Plus, Eli has that whole "mouth breather" look going on.

I just can't take the kid seriously sometimes.
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Camp Scrub
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Red face Re: I hate to be the hater, but Eli sucked

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
While Tryree made a great third down catch it was Eli who some how got loose ran around the line and got the pass off. If he does not break loose from that sack they do not convert that third down and probably give the ball back to the Pats and a good chance the game.
yes once again that one escape keeps the drive alive but the pass was all Tyree the ball was still poorly thrown and if Samuals don't miss that earlier poor thrown ball that went right threw his hands -Game Over.......
like I said he was o.k (so-so) but 8 out of 10 games Tom Brady crushes the Giants It was the D that should have won the MVP. let me tell you something, the best team does not always win the superbowl 1 game every year, credit should go to Spags and the Defense, if Giants don't play the Pats last game of the season, Giants loose..
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