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Going for it on 4th and 13

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Old 02-04-2008, 04:48 PM   #16
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Re: Going for it on 4th and 13

Originally Posted by BDBohnzie View Post
In his short career, Gostkowski is 6-10 on FGs 40 yards or longer. His longest this year was 45 yards. However, given that they were up 7-3 at the time, BB should have sent his kicker out there to attempt the 49 yarder. At least then, you have a chance of points on the board, whereas going for it, the only thing you save is 7 yards if Gostkowski happens to miss it...

The more telling story was the last Patriots drive. 3 timeouts left, and not trying to use the middle of the field to their advantage? 3rd and 4th down, running the exact same play into the exact same coverage, when they needed a FG to tie. Moss ran the same seam route twice in a row, and both times it fell incomplete. The fact that Brady even mentioned himself that his worry was throwing a deep ball 65 yards and having it go only 55 (because of his ankle) tells me that they were arrogant enough to think it would work. That killed them more than not sending out Gostkowski when they were up 7-3.
Hah; What the hell were they thinking. They had 3 time outs. Just get into field goal range and send it into over time.
but I'm glad they did what they did, as bone headed as it was.
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Re: Going for it on 4th and 13

I would have punted and pinned them deep, but Belichick coached that game like he was playing Madden on Rookie, with the 4th and 13 and the deep bombs at the end, when they had 3 timeouts and could have easily gotten into field goal range, well, at least historically thats what the Patriots would have done. But nevertheless, I'm happy for the G-Men and laughing my a s s off at Tiki.
Al Michaels Midnight Miracle: SEAN TAYLOR CAME UP AND LEVELED HIM, I'll say....
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Re: Going for it on 4th and 13

I just read in one of the Boston papers that Gostkowski didn't make a kick longer than 45 yards this season, and that his longest attempt was 48. If Belicheat hadn't been so intent on running up scores early in the year by going for it on 4th down (especially against us), then perhaps Gostkowski would have had several attempts in the 50-54 yard range this season. He was in uncharted territory facing a 49 yarder in the biggest game, which probably cloulded Belichick's judgement. I call that Karma biting him in the ass for running up scores the first half of the season.
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Old 02-05-2008, 11:12 AM   #19
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Re: Going for it on 4th and 13

How dare all of you question a decision by the "genius".

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Re: Going for it on 4th and 13

Originally Posted by Mattyk72 View Post
Very dumb decision. A classic example of Belichick's arrogance. Nice to see it blow up in his face for once.

that was the best part apart of the whole superbowl. Watching Belichump's arrongance blow up in his face.
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Re: Going for it on 4th and 13

Three points:

1) What was even more odd about that series was that the Patriots elected to punt on 4th and 2 from the Giants 44 (the 12 men on the field call ended up giving them the first down). If they were going to go for it on 4th down then 4th and 2 would be the place to do it. They were down at the time, in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, on the plus side of the field. Odd that they would elect to punt there but then go for it on 4th and 13. Going for the 1st on 4th and 13 was more in line with the Patriots M.O. this year, it was the punting on 4th and 2 that was out of character ... the Giants defense forced them into positions they hadn't been in all year (save perhaps the Baltimore game). Kind of makes me want Spagnolo here even though I previously thought it was a bad idea ... guess we'll find out soon.

2) I actually think the whole series as it played out was more indicative of confusion and desperation rather than arrogance. That isn't to say that Belicheck has not displayed arrogance and poor sportsmanship over the course of the season, but on Sunday the Giants did not give them the opportunity.

3) Where are all the Patriots fans to come and tell us how great the Patriots are and how we are just sore losers and dig up old threads about helmet stickers, etc. etc. They all seem to have disappeared. It is quite odd. Must be watching the parade ... oh, wait ...
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