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What does the Zorn hiring mean for Todd Collins?

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Re: What does the Zorn hiring mean for Todd Collins?

He's out.
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Re: What does the Zorn hiring mean for Todd Collins?

I think it means Todd Collins will probably be gone. Even if he does stay I do not think he would be as effective as he was in the Coryell offenses that Saunders ran. Collins had ten years to study and learn every intricate detail of his old system but I do not believe he had as long to study the West Coast Offense. But who knows I could be wrong and I never even heard of him until he came here.
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Re: What does the Zorn hiring mean for Todd Collins?

Originally Posted by Mattyk72 View Post
The WCO could actually be a good fit for a guy like Collins. Zorn said his offense will be all about rhythm, and as we saw Collins is definitely a rhythm QB... drop back and get the ball out quickly. I think he could make the transition to this new offense easy enough.

But ultimately I think JC has to be the main focus and he should remain the starter.

Yeah, since Collins never seemed to have a lot of zip on his passes, a short, controlled passing attack might be perfectly suited for him. It always looked as though Collins' deep passes took forever to get to their targets.

Collins will go wherever he has the best chance to start. This could very well be the place.
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Re: What does the Zorn hiring mean for Todd Collins?

Originally Posted by Mattyk72 View Post
Just wondering what you guys think will end up happening with Todd Collins. He's supposedly still a priority to be re-signed. Will he stay in order to shake the thought that he can only play in Saunders' system, or at his age will he be less than thrilled about the idea of learning a new system? Would he stay if he's promised anything less than a real shot at the starting job??

Finally, should he be given the opportunity to compete for the starting job here? Remember we're talking about a new head coach with no ties to Campbell. Could there be an open competition? Should there be?
I guess it means that he isn't coming. I don't think that Collins gimick is to learn a whole new system. He already knows Saunders system, he should go to St. Louis.
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Re: What does the Zorn hiring mean for Todd Collins?

Todd Collins has been invited to re-sign with the team, and Bram Weinstein reports that, based on his radio interview with Vinny Cerrato, its to be a backup "at least."

Cerrato says the team and Zorn have both talked to free agent QB Todd Collins, the Redskins are hoping to re-sign him to be the back-up at the very least..

Covering The Redskins

This makes a lot of sense. Todd Collins can adapt to any system. He is a very fine quarterback, period, in my opinion, and I believe he demonstrated that without question this past season.

St. Louis is a possible destination for Todd, but he would be on a bad team with a very well established quarterback, and competition at this point for even the number two position on the depth chart.

In Washington, he has the faith of players on the team in his ability whenever he plays, and if Jason were to struggle in learning the new system, there would be a strong option on the roster. Yes, he would be learning too, but his experience will make that a lot easier.

I hope we re-sign Todd. To me, the best thing is to make it an open competition. That way, everyone knows the best player is the starter, and there isn't a feeling that one player is the "chosen one," chosen because of something other than the ability to win a competition. If Jason wins the battle, everyone would feel stronger about him than if he gets installed.
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Re: What does the Zorn hiring mean for Todd Collins?

ESPN - Career backup Collins steps in seamlessly to lead Redskins - NFL

Todd Collins should be a high priority for the Redskins to re-sign.

On another board, someone culled these quotes from the article found at the above link:

On Todd Collins:

"One of his shortcomings might have been that he never rocked the boat more to get another shot," Dan Henning said. "That is his nature. He is a very compatible guy to the team, he is easy to coach, I never heard a word of discord from him.

Collins learned offensive coordinator Al Saunders' famously thick playbook when the two were together in Kansas City. Huard still marvels at his former teammate's total recall.

"Did you ever see the movie 'A Beautiful Mind?' This is literally Todd Collins," Huard said. "You could give this guy Al Saunders' 350 plays on a piece of paper and he would read that game plan over, take it home that night and the next day you could ask him about a play and he will give you the personnel, the shift, the movement and the formation for every one of them.

"He can go back in time and remember everything about a conversation, where we were and what we were doing. He's just brilliant."

Collins once led the Bills from a 26-0 deficit to a 37-35 victory during a 1997 game against Indianapolis. He helped that Bills team get to 4-3 before struggling and losing the starting job twice in the season's second half

" He can come up with any type of stat off the top of his head," Springs said. "He might start talking to you about protein or something. You never know what Todd is talking about. He might start talking to you about the stock market or something like that. And then I thought he had said a funny joke, but his face was so serious, you don't know if he's joking."

"He smells everything," Huard said. "He smells the first football he throws at practice. He'll grab it, bring it right by his face, smell the ball, then throw it.

"Every game plan, every newspaper you hand him, before he reads it, he smells it. Instinctively. He has this nose and palate. He remembers the smell of every wine."
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Re: What does the Zorn hiring mean for Todd Collins?

You gotta wonder what does Todd Collins want at this point in his career exactly. Does he want a chance to start, does he want a ring? Does he want to be recognized as a QB that can prosper in a system that isn't Al Saunders'?

But this is interesting

Todd Collins, Ethan Albright and Derrick Forst News - Redskins Insider

Zorn informed Collins that youngster Jason Campbell was the team's starting quarterback for 2008 and remains a cornerstone of their future, but Zorn praised Collins's production last season as well, league sources said, and told the veteran he considers him a strong No. 2 quarterback. Owner Daniel Snyder and executive vice president Vinny Cerrato expressed the same sentiment to many coaching candidates during their prolonged search, believing that Collins could be a quality backup even having to learn the West Coast offense under Zorn and no longer with his mentor, former associate head coach Al Saunders.

Collins, 36, has told friends that he is eager for the opportunity to earn a starting job, but although that is not the case in Washington he is not averse to re-signing. The Redskins have not made an offer to Collins yet - he just completed a two-year free agent deal since in 2006, but team representatives have been on contact with Collins's agent and the sides could hold face-to-face meetings next week at the combine in Indianapolis (the Redskins are likely to meet with the agents for several of their players next week as they continue to renegotiate contracts in order to clear salary cap room)..
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Re: What does the Zorn hiring mean for Todd Collins?

despite having to learn a new offense at 36, he's got the arm for a west coast system .
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Re: What does the Zorn hiring mean for Todd Collins?

He's been in the league for what 14 years the guy should be calm and good tell me something i don't know
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