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McIntosh and Rogers effect on player movement

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Old 02-14-2008, 03:27 PM   #31
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Re: McIntosh and Rogers effect on player movement

Originally Posted by Rajmahal33 View Post
Don't know if someone already posted this somewhere else, but the Dolphins plan on releasing Thomas...

ESPN - Source: Dolphins to release Thomas after 11 seasons - NFL

Any thoughts? Is he worth going after to help an ailing McIntosh?
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Re: McIntosh and Rogers effect on player movement

ZT is a MLB. No need for him here.
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Re: McIntosh and Rogers effect on player movement

Originally Posted by Bill B View Post
Interesting article on the health status of Carlos Roger and Rocky McIntosh. The most significant part of it was how it relates to keeping Shawn Springs and not going after Lance Briggs.....

"Cornerback Carlos Rogers likely won't be healthy for the start of the season, but linebacker Rocky McIntosh will. Rogers' prolonged absence makes the retention of high-priced cornerback Shawn Springs more likely, while McIntosh's earlier return makes the signing of free agent linebacker Lance Briggs of the Chicago Bears less likely."

McIntosh should be back long before Rogers*-*-*The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

The uncertainty associated with the return of players coming off major injury makes it difficult to determine exactly where/how they're going to fit into the make-up of your roster both short & longterm. An absolute decision on Rogers, as well as McIntosh cannot immediately be determined, therefore a final decision on both of them will have to be delayed.

A decision on Briggs will no doubt be based on the health of McIntosh, as well as cap ramifications, same goes for Springs and Rogers when it comes to who to draft, or who to pursue in FA. The health/age issue is always a concern when it comes to Springs, notwithstanding his cap figure.

The decision to perhaps pursue CJ is based more on the inability of Moss to remain healthy, and be counted on as a # 1 receiver for extended periods of time.

There are injury concerns in other areas of the roster as well, and the decisions that need to be addressed will be the driving fore in FA as well as the draft.
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Old 02-14-2008, 05:09 PM   #34
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Re: McIntosh and Rogers effect on player movement

NFL Network Charles sumthing or other says we should get this corner with our first round pick

NFL Video Galleries

We're on to Alex Smith.
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Old 02-14-2008, 09:45 PM   #35
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Re: McIntosh and Rogers effect on player movement

I keep hearing about breaking the bank...it's possible the Danny is going to do it, so who would you rather him spend $$$ on, Lance Briggs or Asante Samuel. I wouldn't mind seeing Samuel, he's had good stats these past two seasons and would be a starter right away.
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Re: McIntosh and Rogers effect on player movement

Originally Posted by GTripp0012 View Post
We could...let him develop...

Again, a serious knee injury may keep him from developing, but we don't have to conclude at the end of his second season that he's a total bust (when he was the best player in our pathetic secondary that year).

I thought the first 7 games of 2007 gave us reason to think Rogers was developing. The knee injury is a definate setback, but lets wait until the end of 2008 to call Rogers a bust.
Nope, sorry. He's a bust! ... :cheeky-sm
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Re: McIntosh and Rogers effect on player movement

I thought we were gonna lose rocky for half on next season so this is a really good thing to hear. Rogers is a good corner back, but he is still kinda learning. I want to keep springs for sure now.
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Re: McIntosh and Rogers effect on player movement

we're old at LB and OL. good news is that both are easy to fill in the draft, but it requires a lot of 2nd and 3rd round picks, and time. FA can give you a few guys cheaply too, but they generally won't be under 26.
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Thank You, Sean.
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Re: McIntosh and Rogers effect on player movement

I really dont think we can afford to CUT springs at this point. We need two able corners, and with Smoot/Springs I'll at least feel ok, especially with the health problems Smoot has had. If its Smoot/an unknown and than a rookie, we could be in big big trouble in the secondary.
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Re: McIntosh and Rogers effect on player movement

Originally Posted by hesscl34 View Post
Nope, sorry. He's a bust! ... :cheeky-sm
I have to agree. I dont know if anyone else has noticed this, but it seems that Rogers is always afraid of the ball. Did anyone catch his first INT? well, he almost didnt. After watching dropt INT after dropped INT (one being in the 2005/2006 divisional playoff game vs the Seahawks) he bobbled and almost dropped the one he did intercept. I can also remember a few times this year where an arm tackle did not suffice. I have been an advocate of him being a bust since the end of his rookie season. I hope he proves me wrong this year...

I think Rocky has TONS of potential especially under a disciplined DC like Blache. As for Springs goes, he is solid, still "ageless" in his playmaking, but needs a successor in the very near future.

ZT? are you guys kidding me? come on, who's gonna tell me they would like to see Algea Crumpler here? this makes no sense. Big names dont mean a thing, especially if they are needless. Our need based FA additions are pretty much limited to DB and O Line IMO.
We will miss you Sean.

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Re: McIntosh and Rogers effect on player movement

The fact that I read McIntosh is coming back strong made my week a little bit better. However, the Carlos Rogers situation should be treated as if he is not going to play next season. There is no way he gets back to his 4.49-4.59 speed. Nor will he be able to cover as well as he did early on. It saddens me to say this as an AUBURN guy, but i think his time as an NFL starter may have passed.

I would love to address this early on, but I think that if Simeon Castille and/or Chevis Jackson fall we would get a solid steal in the late rounds that could come in immediately and contribute. But I would also entertain the Cromartie pickup as well. Also sticking with my Auburn U pedigree, I think Wilhite would look pretty good in a skins uni as well.

Carlos Rogers is not on the Active Roster come draft day and week 1 in next years season. With that said, any player movement regarding the secondary should be made with that in mind. The question however is if we address the CB position in the draft, how or when do we address the SS situation? Are we satisfied with Doughty?


No. We are not.

If Cromartie is there in the 1st, then lets get him. Then the next pick should MOST DEFINATELY be on the O-Line, and in the 3rd I say we look at picking up a Craig Steltz or try to trade up in the 4th and knab Josh Barret from Arizona State.
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