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Can Santana Moss be Wes Welker?

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Can Santana Moss be Wes Welker?

Originally Posted by Daseal View Post
Personally, I just hope Zorn has a slant route in his offense.
I was goign to post this until i saw yours. We need slants and timing plays, and jason has to mature, which he'll do. A lot of our throw last year were wait for a guy to run a route and get open then force a throw cause its probably too late at that point. Its an experience thing for campbell, and a play calling thing for our coachs. Holmgren did a great job last year of doign slants and quick plays and timing routes once Shaun Alexander started sucking so I want to see that stuff implemented
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Re: Can Santana Moss be Wes Welker?

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
If we get #85 our wr's are still NOT BETTER than NE's.

R.Moss is better than #85. R.Moss is one of the best ever and is coming off setting a record for TD catches.
Welker is better than SM or ARE
Stallworth is about the same as SM and is better than ARE
Watson is just as good as Cooley. He just doesn't get the same amount of balls thrown his way.
NE has Brady and we don't.

stallworth is not as good as moss hes just on a good team. welker is good but again look at whos playin around him. Santana is the man and any true fan knows that, he just can't stay healthy. when healthy he is a legit #1 reciever
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Re: Can Santana Moss be Wes Welker?

this is the DUMBEST thread ever. Wes welker is a practice work-a-holic. Who was Tom Brady's check down and 3rd if not 4th receiver. He was TOM BRADY's receiver... He played for Bellicheat.

You cannot compare these two players, i guarantee you that if ANY NFL pundit were to pick from the two, they would take moss over welker.

Moss is MILES ahead of welker. He cant catch AS well, but he has WAY more tools. Give Moss the same looks as welker in that NE system, and he in a Pro-Bowler.
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