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Cerrato: Skins won't be a big player in free agency

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Cerrato: Skins won't be a big player in free agency

2008 NFL Free Agents

This is why you need Mentos. To justify your questionable problem solving skills.


Awesome isn't it.
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Re: Cerrato: Skins won't be a big player in free agency

Originally Posted by EARTHQUAKE2689 View Post
Thanks. Seems like Snyder laying low is a product of weak free agents. Kawika Mitchell would be a nice problem to have!

With not many CB's Florence prie tag may shoot up. He did lose his job to a very nasty player so he would be a great pickup.
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Re: Cerrato: Skins won't be a big player in free agency

I realize this is a ridiculous conspiracy theory but I get this feeling that they are holding back on free agency because they want to have room for a new coach next year to play around with the roster and go after whoever he may need at that time. Ok lemme backtrack for a moment, I think that the front office will give zorn a chance to succeed and if he doesn't greatly exceed expectations they will demote him to OC and then maybe chase a dream candidate (like say Bill Cowher who will be ready to come out of retirement).

I know there are a lot of if's in this thought process but something about the whole coaching search and the way things are shaking out just seems so unsettling to me.
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Re: Cerrato: Skins won't be a big player in free agency

I believe it when I see it.. WHen Dan snyder see's how fast people are trying to scoop up FA's he wont be able to stand still.

And as for Vilma, he can play OLB as well.. S ohe could provide depth and he wouldnt cost ANYTHING near BRiggs wanted.. I think as long as you make smart signs, you will be okay.. as long as we let him play this year and dont offer him a new contract right away we can check out his play and then , if he is cut the jets will have already absorbed that hit and we wouldn't be so bad off. but Vilma is nasty, I dont see that being a problem.. He has just came off a leg surgery, that's the only thing.
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Re: Cerrato: Skins won't be a big player in free agency

Originally Posted by QBall View Post
We'll see what they do. Does anyone actually have a list of all "hot" free agents by team and position?

Who is out there at CB besides Samuels?
Scout.com: 2008 NFL Free Agency Rankings

Scout.com: 2008 NFL Free Agency CB Rankings
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