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-- Zorn to Talk to Lloyd Before Cutting Him --

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: -- Zorn to Talk to Lloyd Before Cutting Him --

Lloyd: Hello coach I heard you wanted to approach the idea of me playin cuz thats
what they are all sayin?
Zorn: Wha? Ok, look I'm thinking about keeping you on the team cause you have played
in the WC. I would like for you to answer me one question though in order to help
me with my final decision in regards to whether I go to bat for you with the owner
or not.
Lloyd: Hit me up coach, don't hold back, I will answer you so I can come back.
Zorn: ............uh.....oh yea um...do you know the actual team colors?
Lloyd: Ok coach just check me out see I wouldn't know cuz I never dressed out.
Zorn: Does Burgandy and Gold sound familiar?
Lloyd: Hold up coach your going to fast, Your throwin up colors that I've never had.
Burgandy...I've never seen it here, with colors like that we would be striken fear.
Gold...Yo your speakin my color, I could fly all day and smile to my mother.
Zorn: See I thought the colors were maroone, yellow, and black.
Lloyd: Ok coach I'm a do it up right, you would have to be a goon to wear maroone, Your
talkin yellow, I could get into this, I could fly real fast in my mellow yellow, black
man we would be wack, runnin around the field tryin to get a sack. but the
Burgandy and GOLD is what I'm talkin 'bout, it would be nice to have the bling
when I'm scorin a touch down.
Zorn: Ok, well that's it then. Thats what I like to hear. TOUCHDOWNS. your in.
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Re: -- Zorn to Talk to Lloyd Before Cutting Him --

Originally Posted by Mattyk72 View Post
Rock isn't even under contract right now.
Thats part of the mystique. See, he would be a UFA, right. Which is why I said we could trade for one of the Eagles UFA's. lol. They could use another RB to spell westbrook and we need to get rid of Lloyd. lol. basically tricking the Eagles in to taking a pain in the arse. lol.
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Re: -- Zorn to Talk to Lloyd Before Cutting Him --

Redksins.com- Redskins release lloyd
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Re: -- Zorn to Talk to Lloyd Before Cutting Him --

We can lock this now
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