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Dexter Manley Interview on XL102 FM.

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Re: Dexter Manley Interview on XL102 FM.

Originally Posted by Stuck in TX View Post
Elliot? Crossing the line? no way! this is the guy who almost got booted off the air for playing unedited Disturbed. Dexter should have known better than to go on his show. Yeah, he is funny sometimes but he is just waaaaaay too stupid for me to have ever listened to.
Right... Let me clarify a bit.

I don't think this is out of character for Elliot at all... and for the most part, I enjoy his abrasive style. There are times, however, that I think he crosses the line. The Dexter manly interview I thought was one of them.
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Re: Dexter Manley Interview on XL102 FM.

Whoever the woman was who came on in the end as Dexter's assistant, should have come on in the beginning of that interview and issued the same ananology. That was a typical example of something that should have been left undone. I wasn't impressed in the least.
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Re: Dexter Manley Interview on XL102 FM.

Regardless of his flaws, I love Dexter Manley. I love what he did for the Redskins and cannot speak to his private life. Football players are entertainers and he was a great one. I have so many great memories of him in during our 80's legacy...knocking Danny White out of the '82 NFC Championship game...can anyone say HOGEBOOM! ...watching the steam fly off Dexter's head in the frigid Chicago Divisional playoff game from the '87 season...what a great Redskin. A man with flaws but I also have many so I will not judge.
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