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Ocho Stinko: "I want to be traded before the draft"

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Old 04-18-2008, 10:16 AM   #76
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Re: Ocho Stinko: "I want to be traded before the draft"

Originally Posted by freddyg12 View Post
Let's get some things straight; he's not in a "contract dispute" because he signed a new deal in 06 & his team has a significant investment in $ & cap space in him. He's simply unhappy in Cincy & is demanding a trade, not holding out for more $. the money is there, he just has to show up.

See the numerous other posts in this thread or other threads about the alleged fight in the playoff game v. Pitt a couple years ago. There are different sides to the story but the fact that one former bengal has said that CJ definitely swung at Marvin Lewis, is enough for me to conclude that this guy might have some discipline issues.
Because one guy said it? One guy who also happened to throw his kicker under the bus for missing a field goal? We're complaining about Chad Johnson, yet taking Shaun Smith's word as gospel?
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Re: Ocho Stinko: "I want to be traded before the draft"

Originally Posted by KB24 View Post
Links on some of his disruptive behavior:

ProFootballTalk.com - CHAD, T.J. “OUT OF CONTROL”

That shouting match took place on Monday Night Football. For all of his outstanding play, he also can be a VERY disruptive force.
Thanks for the links. Setting aside that it's ProFootballTalk.com, link 1 reports that allegedly CJ and TJ are yelling at Palmer. So I guess TJ is a problem child too? Link 2 is about the current dispute to force a trade (and how he was hurt by the organization). Link 3 is about some unconfirmed incident according to a Fox Sports reporter (not sure if that's better or worse than PFT), that does not involve the Bengals at all. And the 4th Link is the alleged fight/swing at Lewis......according to a former Bengal......that never resulted in team action against CJ. Again, if that whole thing really happened, then we've definitely nailed down why practically the entire Bengals team can't stay out of trouble off the field.
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Old 04-18-2008, 10:22 AM   #78
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Re: Ocho Stinko: "I want to be traded before the draft"

Originally Posted by SC Skins Fan View Post
Just an FYI, PFT is not exactly a reputable journalistic operation. It it is the football equivalent of TMZ.

But we get it, you don't want Chad Johnson. Duly noted.
Duly noted about PFT. Again, I don't doubt his talent. And I agree that he's an elite receiver. But, there really isn't anyone on the team like a Joe Gibbs who will get in his face if he steps out of line, nor do I think the make-up of the front office is such where it can properly handle a personality like Chad's. It's just not a good fit.

Again, if I'm wrong, I'll kindly eat my words. But I just don't think Johnson will be the panacea for the Redskins everyone makes him out to be.
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Old 04-20-2008, 01:09 PM   #79
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Re: Ocho Stinko: "I want to be traded before the draft"

Originally Posted by SBXVII View Post
Can you see it now......JC throws to CJ for a TD.
Unless JC is afraid to throw for a TD like last year lol.
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Re: Ocho Stinko: "I want to be traded before the draft"

Originally Posted by DiehardSkin88 View Post
I disagree, i think that if chad johnson stepped out of line there would be PLENTY players to check his ass. Portis, moss, samuels, fletcher, smoot, carter those are our leaders on the team and thats why i think thats mainly why our players rarely get in trouble we've got very good character on our team, not to mention chad johnson is good friends with portis and santana
I think your right DiehardSkin88, there are good leaders on this team that would check CJ in line. I mean the late Sean Taylor was in danger of getting into a lot of trouble, and well in his case I think it might have been more of Gregg Williams' influence, but probably there were also other players' that might have been a good influence on him. We have some good veterans on our team that should be able to keep the discipline. Honestly, I don't think that happens in Cincy.
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