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ARE In Studio With Cowherd Tomorrow

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 04-16-2008, 04:49 PM   #1
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ARE In Studio With Cowherd Tomorrow

Thought you guys might like to know that El will be in studio on ESPN Radio with Colin Cowherd tomorrow. I'll try to post a recap in here.
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Re: ARE In Studio With Cowherd Tomorrow

Yes, please post a recap because my stomach can't tolerate listening to Cowturd.
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Re: ARE In Studio With Cowherd Tomorrow

no love for cowherd? i dont know dudes alright, better than czabe who actualy had me plotting his death ever day coming home form work listening to him bad mouth and second guess everything after the fact.

anyone know what time AR is coming on air? im too lazy to actually google "cowherd radio show", then have to click on the link and find out for myself. . . .sad but true.

go skins!
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Uncle Phil
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Re: ARE In Studio With Cowherd Tomorrow

Some highlights

-Cowherd asked about why so many WRs are "Divas"

-ARE said um...we just want the ball

-Understands Chad Johnsons' point to an extent. Thinks his frustration more than anything is that he's been leading the team, putting them on his back year after year and he just wants to win

-Shout out to Earthquake2689

-Cowherd: Most people would say the Redskins are a notch below (the rest of the division)

-ARE: Yeah they would. I think you have to look at the talent we've acquired over the past couple of years though. We've brought me in, signed Chris Cooley to an extension. With Jim Zorn here we won't be handcuffed as much...I guess that's not a good way to put it. We won't be held back as much in terms of...

Cowherd: What you're saying is Joe's conservative

ARE: Yeah, yeah Coach Joe was conservative. I mean he was a run it in there, pound it in there type of guy. I think Coach Zorn is going to put the ball in the air a little bit more, and run the ball too but at the same time have a little bit more balance.

-All my DC area homies say "Hey!!"

-Cowherd: Were you frustrated by Gibbs?

-ARE: Um...Sometimes we were. And I think we were just frustrated because there would be times we would be getting beat and once we opened up the pass we would be going up and down the field. And then our pass would complemenet the run, because they'd be expecting the pass and so I just think that's the frustration. It wasn't just me, it was a couple players. But it's no bash of the coach at all. Coach is a great coach. He's just one of those guys. He wanted to be that way. He felt like we could get it done that way. But sometimes you gotta have kind of have some kind of change to get you over the hump.

-Where my latina honeys at?!

-Cowherd: Dan Snyder. He owns your team. He owns all the radio stations that we're on in DC so I gotta be careful. Is he one of those owners (ARE: Hey Dan!) that's on the practice field all the time and do you like him or is he annoying?

ARE: No. He's not annoying at all. He comes out to the practice. He sits there and he normally has Vinny with him or sometimes he brings someone else. But he's not annoying. I can go up and talk to him, have a conversation with him. He's that type of owner. He'll do all he can to try to help you out while you're there. Now don't get me wrong. When he's done with you and wants to bring someone else in he'll let you go (laughs). But that's part of the business. He's a businessman when it comes to the game of football. But he's a good guy to talk to. It doesn't bother me at all when he comes out to practice.

Started talking about Snyder's place some. Randle El living in Northern Virginia, commuting in and around the DC metro area

Cowherd: The NFC East. I don't know if it's the best division. But it's definitely the most intense

ARE: It's the best division in the NFC for sure

Cowherd: Yes (they talk about the AFC South perhaps being better overall, ARE sort of agrees but not entirely). Be honest about this. What fans do you like to beat the most? I mean what fan do you love to leave the field in just, you've beaten them in their house?

ARE: Uh...Dallas. I'd have to say Dallas. It's just, it's just Dallas man. It's like even when I wasn't a Redskin and I was a Steeler and we'd go play them...it's just Dallas. It's the star. It's them. You gotta beat them. It's not just the fans. It's just going to Dallas and winning in Dallas

(Start talking about his draft day experience)

-Donate today to RedskinsWarpath.com and earn VIP Status

Cowherd: Absolute pleasure to meet you

ARE: Right on man
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Re: ARE In Studio With Cowherd Tomorrow

I think ARE echoed alot of sentiment around here for awhile. We all like JG and he's a great coach, but for some reason had become too conservative and sat on a lead at times. I am kind of looking forward to seeing a more aggressive style.
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