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Demetrius Bell OT Buffalo Bills and Karl Malone's son

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Re: Demetrius Bell OT Buffalo Bills and Karl Malone's son

Originally Posted by Dirtbag359 View Post
Karl Malone don't wun be hearing none of that. See sometime people go up to Karl Malone and say "Karl Malone you an AHOLE" but then I dun look em in the eye n say "no Karl Malone a goodhole." Now Karl Malone may not listen to heavy rap but Karl Malone don't need know how to fight. Why? Because Karl Malone hunts while listening to country music. That right. Travis Trit, Gart Brook, Fate Hill, Karl Malone love that Fate Hill.

Now Karl Malone dun won't be hearing nothing but country, not even Jazz, well unless it Utah Jazz but still Karl Malone make big fuss unless he dun hear whaling guitars and other stuff in country song. And dat da truth right der.

Until next time, this here Karl Malone

Ok Karl Malone read article, and boy was that long article. Karl Malone had to take break in between to catch his lungs. Now one day some Bell call Karl Malone up and dun make his phone ring, aw thats good, and this guy Bell say he dun be my sun. So Karl Malone start thinking in shallow thought, and Karl Malone realize how can someone be a bell and giant object in sky at same time. Karl Malone took astrology and so Karl Malone now how planets and son work, and Karl Malone realizes that he don't own the sun. So the best part is Karl Malone done get to keep his money.

Until next time this here Karl Malone
Absolutely. Friggin. Hilarious.

Like most things that are really funny there's truth behind your near perfect impersonation of the Mailman: he's as dumb as they get. One of my neighbor's growing up had a hot daughter who married Ostertag (also of the Jazz). He said the only person he'd ever met dumber than his son-in-law was Malone.
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Re: Demetrius Bell OT Buffalo Bills and Karl Malone's son

"It's better to be quiet and thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt."
courtesy of 53fan
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Re: Demetrius Bell OT Buffalo Bills and Karl Malone's son

he was an asshole on and off the court. One of the dirtiest players out there. "Pulling the chair" is still fun, and I do it every once in a while to throw friends off and for a laugh.
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