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Parker happily showing Mendenhall the Steelers' way

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Parker happily showing Mendenhall the Steelers' way

I think Willie Parker just became one of my favorite players. Very few players seem to have this level of class when it comes to competition. Personally I thought the guy deserved to be mention, hence the non-Redskins related article.

Of course we have to face the Steelers this year so maybe it's not completely irrelevant.

ESPN - Parker happily showing Mendenhall the Steelers' way - NFL

PITTSBURGH -- Every time Willie Parker sees Steelers rookie running back Rashard Mendenhall, he cannot help but think of Jerome Bettis.

The thought has nothing to do with Mendenhall's running style. It has to do with the way Bettis -- a future Hall of Famer -- embraced and tutored Parker as a rookie, which eventually led to Pittsburgh winning a Super Bowl their second year together in 2005.

"JB always kept it real with me,'' Parker said glowingly. "He told me as long as I passed the blueprint on to somebody else and not be selfish, that's the only way we can have the running back tradition that we've had here. So, yeah, it's my turn."

Parker's mentality has the potential to bring a smile to coach Mike Tomlin's face.

The Steelers' second-year coach says there is "great chemistry" and an "unwritten rule" of mentorship in Pittsburgh. The veterans teach the rookies the Steelers' way of doing things as soon as they get in the door, and the rookies are better off because of it. It's one of the reasons Pittsburgh remains one of the NFL's most steady and successful franchises.
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Re: Parker happily showing Mendenhall the Steelers' way

Too bad nobody showed Roethelisburger on how to wear a helmet.
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Re: Parker happily showing Mendenhall the Steelers' way

Originally Posted by chrisl4064 View Post
Too bad nobody showed Roethelisburger on how to wear a helmet.
well if the whole passing it down thing is true, that means terry bradshaw was a link in the chain for the quarterbacks "way of doing things" in the 'burg.

---- i like bradshaw, hes a funny easy-going too dumb to not be honest kinda guy. living in the 'burg for 4 plus years I was surprised how embarrased people are of him representing steeler nation. not to generalize a whole city whose people and character kick ass but they are not the brightest themselves.

oh and bettis is on practically every public transport bus, that guy would do any and every local commercial he could.

go skins! cant wait for preseason to start so i can start getting that 'cant wait for the regular season' feelin to start.
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Re: Parker happily showing Mendenhall the Steelers' way

Good to read those kinds of articles. I think Portis deserves some praise for explicitly telling the coaching staff that he doesn't care if Betts takes reps away from Portis.
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