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RI: An appropriate sendoff for RFK Stadium

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: RI: An appropriate sendoff for RFK Stadium

Originally Posted by tryfuhl View Post
Why are y'all so hellbent on getting an SB here?
Ask Snyder.
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Re: RI: An appropriate sendoff for RFK Stadium

Originally Posted by Skinsfan1967 View Post
125,000 capacity. Parking? Tail gate room? Traffic on game day? All questions that would have to addressed. Some things are easier said than done. 125,000 would be difficult to handle in the suburbs no less in the District. Back to DC does not bother me but actually doing it will prove very difficult and costly. Who will pay for it? Snyder already owns a profitable stadium so that leaves the tax payers. Just my two cents.
Yeah. If moving into a new stadium were something that might actually happen in the next decade, I would hope the capacity for it would actually be smaller than the current 90,000+ seats at FedEx instead of one that's even bigger. Sure, more seats would mean that more fans can see games, but how attractive an experience will the game be for those sitting in the seats reserved for the 100,000th season ticket holder? College stadiums of 80,000+ capacity can provide a relatively close-up game experience because people are crammed on rows and rows of concrete benches, as opposed to the space eaters that actually seats are. Pro stadiums all have seats, which makes a 65,000 seat pro field comparable to a 80,000 college stadium . . . or something like that. I don't know. Maybe I'm talking out of my a**. But the bottom line is that the only thing FedEx really has going for it is its size, and not too many people have marvelous things to say about the stadium. Keep in mind that the general view is that DC was a scarier place for opponents to play when they were playing in a stadium that sat only 56,000 over the one that seats 90,000 (and is ever-growing).
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Re: RI: An appropriate sendoff for RFK Stadium

RFK Stadium was fine in its day. Its day passed sometime in the mid-1980s.

Today, the only reason RFK is not considered the single worst sports venue in the country is because Shea Stadium and the Raiders' Black Hole are still standing.

RFK Stadium is Dante's seventh ring of Hell - - but not nearly as clean and with worse food.

Don't give anyone any ideas about playing any meaningful sporting event there ever again...

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But don't get me wrong, I love sports...
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