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What's our greatest need now?

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 07-11-2008, 03:03 PM   #76
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Re: What's our greatest need now?

Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
no, and i even said, if trevor laws lasted 1 more pick, he'd probably be a skin right now, but philly beat us on that one. we did the best with what we had and the value was, overall, very good.

campbell at 290 and 8 reps seems like a huge fat@$$, not a monstrous run-stopping DE. and we will need to address OL and DL, because the starters on both are old, and while we have a couple decent (not great) DTs and OL depth, there's no young stud once griffin or carter are done on the DL, or for anyone on the OL (though the OL depth might, in time, turn out a couple starters).

the only other option besides a huge reach for a DE would have been a FA signing, but seeing how much old guys were going for (oakland paid 51mill for who? man...), it wouldn't have made the most sense long term. jared allen who have been nice, but there are 31 other teams trying to grab guys too.
First, none of these guys are finished products, they are 20, 21, 22 year olds who will grow into their bodies. At 6'7" and 290, Campbell has a lot of room to grow and I wouldn't mind taking a chance on him. By not drafting a DE the FO is seemingly satisfied with the status quo, I'm not impressed. Just like adding a 2nd TE opens up the offense, adding another pass rushing threat would add sizzle to the defense.

As far as reaching, the only one who really cares and notes reaches is Mel Kiper, Jr. If a guy produces for your team, it doesn't matter if you picked him a round before Mel Kiper, Jr. had him going. And if all these teams are doing their draft boards independently it would stand to reason that they have different grades, different perspectives, and different ideas about how every guy will help their team.

But we have who we have and I will cheer for them all because they are Redskins. No sour grapes, no more wishing and hoping.
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Re: What's our greatest need now?

Originally Posted by memphisskin View Post
You missed my whole point. That good young talent you talk about is three undrafted free agents, 1 3rd rounder (Reinart), 1 5th rounder (Montgomery) and 1 6th rounder (Gholston). My point was to address the lines with first day draft picks, not free agents and late round picks that you hope pan out, thats it.
I understand your point, but the guys that fit into our scheme in the 1st and 2nd round were gone or would've been a reach. Merling, Jackson, and the top flight DTs were gone. Laws would've been a great fit IMO, but as That Guy said the Eagles beat us to him. The other DEs available were either a reach or didn't fit.

You're right, you don't really know why Campbell slid. My comparison was that all three guys slid, it happens and I hope it works out in our favor. I would still take a flyer on a guy who was 6'7" and 290 lbs, seems to me that he can get stronger. It happens all the time, people develop at different times. And it seems like spending a summer with a power lifter like P Diddy Daniels would improve anyone's strength. My only point was getting a young guy that Daniels could groom and not constantly depending on undrafted free agents and 5th, 6th and 7th round picks but actually getting someone with a little more talent.
I don't have exact information why Campbell fell (quotes from GMs or FO folks) but IMO he fell because of very poor combine performance. I don't know if you watched any of the combine, but Campbell looked really soft. I don't think Daniels would've been able to do anything with him anyway. And again, if Campbell's college position coach is on staff, Campbell was available when the Skins picked and they didn't take him that's tells me he's probably garbage.

Now that you mention it, yes keep Saunders and Lazor. If you feel like Campbell was progressing, if the team made the playoffs, then yes bring those guys back.
The offense was stagnant for two years and you want to bring the OC back. Not to mention his poor personnel suggestions. Campbell showed some improvement, but I wouldn't credit much of that to Lazor. Zorn will be infinitely better for Campbell than the previous regime.

If we are truly trying to give Jason Campbell a chance, why do we keep switching things up on him? Tony Romo has had two offenses, Donovan McNabb one, and Eli Manning one. Jason Campbell has had three. How will he catch those guys, which he has to do for us to take the next step as a team, if we keep hitting the reset button? Is the WCO offense a good fit for Campbell, I again hope you're right. But I hate the WCO, so I'm admittedly biased.
Gibbs' offense and Saunders are very similar so while technically you can say Campbell had three offenses it is really only Gibbs/Saunders and then Zorn.
"I would bet.....(if), an angel fairy came down and said, '[You can have anything] in the world you would like to own,' I wouldn't be surprised if you said a football club and particularly the Washington Redskins.'' Jack Kent Cooke, 1996.
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Old 07-11-2008, 10:37 PM   #78
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Re: What's our greatest need now?

Scoring Touchdowns is our greatest need. Last year, our offense scored 33 TD's in 16 games. Regarding Redskin QB's, I've been a season ticket holder for 30 years, and I'll have to say that none have been better than Sonny. I think our defense will do just fine. We need to score more than 20.9 points a game. It's OK to give Campbell the chance to be the guy, but if he plays like he doesn't want to lose the game, forget it. I want to win...and dominate.
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Old 07-14-2008, 11:17 AM   #79
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Re: What's our greatest need now?

All this discussion about the draft.....geeze.

Bottom line...our offense has been weak for years and our defense has been solid....if we needed to go "overboard" on the draft....it would be offense.

I truly believe (unfortunately), 1 of the WR we drafted will be a bust...having 2 is statistically wise...I love the trade down...
I do agree almost any position was a greater need that a TE...but heck...we kinda got that for free for trading down...and ya never know...if the kid is the top TE in the draft and scores us more points, we wont need to improve an already good defense.

I still believe our top need now is an OLB....even though I had a dream last night that Rocky was kicking butt on the field.
I hate Dallas...Period
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Re: What's our greatest need now?

Team unity at the level it was at during the win to make the playoffs run at the end of last season.
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