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Kudos to Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 07-08-2008, 10:32 AM   #76
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Re: Kudos to Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato

In the past I have been a critic of D&V for their high dollar/ high profile/high bust rate of the past (2001 to Gibbs arrival) as it relates to free agency and player personnel decisions. We consistently had the highest payroll combined with consistent losing record. Not a great track record.
Which is why some people do not like VC because Dan Snyder seems to hold a diffrent standard for him. DS keeps VC around for some reason despite some really poor seasons. Maybe by firing VC it would require DS to admit to poor FO management?
Then Gibbs arrived and our poor habits diminished. We made the playoffs for the first time in years.
I am glad to see D&V have stayed on the Gibbs course since Gibbs left.

It is too early to give Kudos, but I like what they have done so far since Gibbs left..so far.
I do not like to second guess player personnel until the players have a chance to prove themselves on the field. But the only move I have second guessed recently is the 3rd draft pick (TE). At a time when we are getting very old in the offensive and defensive lines, a 2nd team TE seemed like a luxury pick. We will see.

My only concern is we are one of the oldest teams in the NFL.
Guys like Jansen have have not made it through a season with out missing significant time since gas was under $2 a gallon. Our starting LG is pushing 40. Two of our better DL (C. Griffen and Phillip Daniels) and Shawn Springs are old.
My only concern is their replacements have not stepped up on the field and proved they are ready to take over.
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Re: Kudos to Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato

Pete Kendall turns 35 tomorrow. Old for a football player, yes. But saying he's pushing 40 is stretching it just a bit.

Or did I miss something and 35 is the new 40?
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Re: Kudos to Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato

No way does Kendall make it all 16 games this year. I know Buges is getting this guy Reinhart ready.
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Re: Kudos to Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
No way does Kendall make it all 16 games this year. I know Buges is getting this guy Reinhart ready.
He might not... but it's worth noting the last time he missed more than a start or two was back in 2001. Even with his bad knees he's been a rock.
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Re: Kudos to Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
On the bolded part, I vehemently disagree. The fact that Campbell has not yet established himself as a stud QB, COMBINED with the fact that he'll be working under a new coach in a new system in Zorn, reduces the chances that the offense will click successfully in year 1.

Because with Brees, Payton got a QB who already had a stud season. With Roethisberger, Tomlin got a guy who had led his team to a SB win. With Romo, Wade got a guy who set the world on fire in the final 10 games of the previous season.

Turner? He got an up and coming QB in Rivers, who hadn't yet arrived. What happened? The coaching change resulted in a worse record than the year before. Now when you've got that line, plus Tomlinson, plus that defense, you can still make the playoffs. But the Redskins don't have SD's talent to get them through the flux of a coaching change.

There's not a lot of precedence for instant success when you combine a new head coach with a not-yet-established NFL QB. Can you think of any recently? I can't.
Well if you are going to bring up the Sean Peyton example from that year you would also have to talk about the Jets and Mangini, who while not necessarily having a not yet established qb, did have a tumultuous situation that I would think to be worse than ours. As for your other examples, fair enough, but I think its important to point out that all those players got better under their new coaches (Rivers notwithstanding). Roethilsberger had followed a disastrous Superbowl performance with an even more disastrous season, and I don't think many were expecting him to grow into the elite passer he became last year. Romo, after a hot start in 06, had faded down the stretch and was not a sure thing by any means. Rivers? I think his struggles had more to do with his deficiencies as a player than with the coaching change, as Turner, in spite of his abundant faults, has a stellar record of working with quarterbacks. Even Brees was not known to be more than a good QB prior to his teaming with Peyton, who brought his game to another level.

There are also examples (Alex Smith comes to mind) of players who greatly regressed under new tutelage. But my point is that historical precedence does exist for QB's getting better after a coaching change.

I think your position is prudent and almost certainly represents the conventional wisdom around the league vis--vis the Skins; however, after a summer of Kool Aid drinking I am buying into Zorn and banking that JC will take a huge step forward this year. I also took a trip to Amsterdam this summer now that's some Kool Aid they have over there! But that's another story...

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