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Old 08-22-2004, 07:46 PM   #16
Uncle Phil
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Originally Posted by Daseal
So was I. Spurrier is more of a coach than anyone here could hope to be, not to mention was less than 10 spots behind Gibbs in ESPN's poll for the best coaches of this decade.

He made mistakes, I'll admit that. But he did better than both Bellicheck and Jimmy Johnson in his first two years, and his offense showed flashes of brilliance. He didn't set the blocking schemes, mr Helton did.

First off, I commend you for staying true to Spurrier. However, there are a couple of flaws, for lack of a better word, with what you've written here

Nobody here is claiming to be a great coach, at least I don't think so. So to compare our coaching skills to Spurrier's seems a bit out of order. Spurrier is far and away a better coach that I am-Although I did lead a team of 5th and 6th graders to back-to-back hockey titles. - but it isn't about is Spurrier better than I am as a coach, it's about him in comparison to other coaches in the NFL.

Gibbs hasn't coached an official game in 12 years so to say that Spurrier finished less than 10 spots behind Gibbs in a poll of best coaches of this past decade is no great feat. I'm thinking though that you were talking about ESPN's best 25 coaches of the past 25 years.

As That Guy points out, JJ and Belichick made improvements from year 1 to year 2. Granted you can't get much worse than 1-15. Spurrier seemed to regress. Now maybe the problem was that we weren't as good as the 8-8 record we had his first year here so when we dropped to 5-11 the next year it looked worse than it might have been.

Certainly Spurrier could one day be a successful NFL coach. He's an outside the box thinker and that could be just what the NFL needs. Problem is does he want to be? Seems right now like there are some, some like Daseal, want him to be more than he himself does.
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Old 08-22-2004, 07:59 PM   #17
Living Legend
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Please, give me examples, That Guy. There's only so much when your defense lets you down every 4th quarter, you have no real running back, and your quarterback is half dead thanks to heston. He can't fire assistants mid year, he can't just invent a new offense overnight. He can't just grab new players off the waiver wire that will perform well.
Lets see... hmm...
*attending personel meetings and being more involved with the front office and scouting staff...
*getting a D coordinator/ENTIRE COACHING STAFF that have some nfl experience and have been with successful organizations... and you can't say no one was available, gibbs is special, but he got an entire staff in a couple weeks... stevie had 2 years and in that time he lost lewis (ie, they got even worse)
*you don't let your running back leave and get some unproven guy named trung just cause he can run a good 40... if he wanted to he could have traded picks or worked a deal to get a decent back.
*MOST IMPORTANTLY, he's the coach, the go to guy, if there's a problem, he's making five mill to get it fixed... fading in the 4th quarter tends to be related to bad coaching and kepping the defense on the field too long... if heston is killing his QB, then why keep heston employed? didn't he know enough about football to see the flaws in the systems his staff were employing (and that he was supposed to be overseeing)?

its kinda hard to defend a guy with nearly no work ethic who was unwilling to change in any way.

that whole mid-season grab-fest was because he didn't have proper depth or pre-season planning... the lack of organization is at least partially his fault, since he was SUPPOSED to be running things.
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Old 08-22-2004, 11:25 PM   #18
Special Teams
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Nice Rebuttal, That Guy!!!!!! :thumb:
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Old 08-22-2004, 11:41 PM   #19
Special Teams
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In my humble opinion Spurrier should have started his nfl career as a coordinator and not a head coach.We always talk about how rookies should ease there way into the league so why shouldnt it be the same for the coaches?He might have seen how much work and how much guidance the players really need.
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Old 08-23-2004, 04:22 AM   #20
Living Legend
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i think part of the problem is he wasn't prepared to run the massive organization he was given, and instead of hiring people who knew the nfl, he brought too many guys from florida who didn't really know the way things should be run at the pro level... i agree, if he were hired as a coordinator he probably would have done much better, the biggest of his problems was that he was unable to recognize and hire good people to help him... so by giving that responsibility to someone else, he could focus more on offensive game planning (which is all i think he cared about anyways)...

Most coaches are started as coordinators or position guys, but sometimes owners take leaps of faith on college guys hoping they can make the (huge) jump to the NFL. Miami is one of very very few college organizations that's close to being run on the same type of level...
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Old 08-23-2004, 08:47 AM   #21
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Can we just kill the Spurrier debate once and for all?? LOL

Gibbs is back and everything is well in Redskins land. Just thinking of Spurrier now makes me ill, can we just wash our hands of the 'ol ball coach (did anyone else get sick of hearing that?) and finally move on?

Daseal is going to defend his boy until he's blue in the face. More power to him, he obviously sees something that we're all missing, or is it vice versa?
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Old 08-23-2004, 11:50 AM   #22
Mr. Brightside
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at least someone sticks with their true beliefs in this forum instead of jumpin off when things dont go our way.
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