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MMQB: King is "smitten" with Jason Campbell

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: MMQB: King is "smitten" with Jason Campbell

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
My second question is how much time is Zorn spending with Campbell. Obviously he's spending some time with him based on Campbell's peformance in camp so far, and the fact that one of Zorn's many jobs is QB coach. However, I hope that Zorn isn't doing this (coaching the QB, as that is what he is most comfortable with) at the expense of his bigger role as head coach.
I know I read somewhere that Zorn spends an hour or two coaching the QB's each day
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Re: MMQB: King is "smitten" with Jason Campbell

Originally Posted by Mattyk72 View Post
1. I think I am smitten with Jason Campbell. The guy's going to be good. Maybe really good. He's sure of himself, throws a nice, soft spiral downfield -- harder when he has to -- and is more confident and self-assured than anyone learning an eighth offensive system in his last nine years of football has the right to be.

(True fact. Dating to his senior year in high school, Campbell has had to learn eight offenses -- and this is the first time he's been in some form of the West Coast offense since high school. I defy anyone who watched the Redskins practice on Friday to say they don't think this guy's got the tools to be great. Four or five times in a row he threw passes 20 yards or longer in wideout-versus-corner passing drills, and each time he hit the receiver in perfect stride. Now, he's not throwing those passes with Jason Taylor and Andre Carter planning to steamroll him, because quarterbacks aren't touched by teammates in July. Will he be All-Ashburn instead of All-Pro? Maybe. But this display was one of the best I've seen at a summer practice in a long, long time.

Does this mean we will be seeing PK wearing a "Sorry Favre, Campbell's the only southern Mississippi quarterback I need" t-shirt?

Nah but seriously, it's nice to hear Campbell getting some praise, even though it is just training camp. I hope this is more than just the usual training camp praise we hear all the time.
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Re: MMQB: King is "smitten" with Jason Campbell

Campbell is a class act. Hopefully, he does well this season and receives the contract extension he deserves.
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