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Not Your Father's Redskins

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Not Your Father's Redskins

Thanks a lot for the welcome. I consider you my new fam.

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Re: Not Your Father's Redskins

Originally Posted by dmvskinzfan08 View Post
OM? Wow. I used to read your stuff too. I can't believe your not on Extremeskins anymore. Well I have had a bad experience over there. But I will try my best not to bash anyone. But I got banned for responding to someone calling me names on the board. Once I responded. I got banned for a week. I look back it was 185 days..then I look back and it was forever..I don't mind anyone disagreeing with me on issues. But when it comes to the point were your insulting me and trying to be subliminal with it. Then that's a different thing. There are some people on the board who have been long time members and have friendships with the moderators there. I was really disgruntled. It made me feel bad as a Skins fan that I was cut off from my Skins family on there because of two idiots that were ganging up on me on a thread.

There were two points of disagreement. They always gang up on me on. When before the first preseason game..First week of training camp. I asked everyone to give JC a fair chance. I got bombarded with hate. They were saying Todd Collins should start...then before Colt Brennan even played a snap they were like he should start...Well I guess you see who had the better end of that debate.

Then there was a debate about Rock & Mason. I basically said that Rock was a better returner and Mason was a better runner. I said that we should hold on to Mason if we could. This dude called me some names and I didn't respond in a nice fashion. I dont think many people would have if you knew what he said. He was a little bit more poetic with his insult. But an insult is an isult and I got fed up of him antagonizing me. But as a result. I get banned (for life) and he is still on there. Went back and read the thread and him and the moderator were having a good laugh out of it.

Anyways. This is all behind me. But it really made me feel bad about being a Skins fan.

I hope that the Skins fans on here are more civil and can discuss things with out calling people names and trying to insinuate someone is stupid because they have a different opinion. Especially when some of my opinions and thoughts are valid now and they are eating crow.

I want to say hi to all the WARPATH family. This will be my new home. Respect me and I will respect you. I a good person and a die hard redskins fan. I love my SKINS!!! But honestly since I am in ATL and I dont get comcast sportsnet. That ban really crushed me. But I believe Karma is a B..and its coming back to them in one shape form or another..that's how life usually works..

Just want to say hi to everyone again and this is the end of my rant. I have read other stories of people being banned from extremeskins..But I hope I can start a new family here.



A little rantish but I can understand. Welcome.
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Re: Not Your Father's Redskins

Originally Posted by FRPLG View Post
A little rantish but I can understand. Welcome.
Sorry I actually said that is was rantish in the rant..lol..But thanks!!
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