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I had no idea what to title this thread so i will leave it at Wow! I was super impressed with Chris Horton and Colt Brennan. Horton dialed up two sacks and dished out some wicked hits all night! He is incredibly fast to the ball and finishes plays hard (except for the tackle on Mike Hart, although Horton did take Hart's helmet off). What i lilked most was his onside kick recovery which shows something that cannot be taught...football instincts. He also plays with a "mean streak" if you will. If he can continue to develop i see extraordinary things in our defensive backfield with safeties as athletic as him and Landry. Now let me get to my major point...Colt Brennan. I dont make to many posts but i posted at draft time my excitement about our selection of Brennan. Not that im trying to get all hyped up about the preseason but did anyone notice his excellent footwork and pinpoint accuracy. He pulled off the two hardest throws in pro football for a qb when he hit McMullen over the shoulder on the deep post and then the deep corner route to the back of the endzone to Mann. The kid has got a serious arm and deadly accurate with it. Then the TD when he flushed himself out of the pocket! I'll tell you what...the kid is a baller. John Madden said it best..."the kid just makes you wanna play the game if your on his team...he has a presence about him." When he was in the game everybody played at a different level. Jason Campbell is our starter and qb of the future, however, i would love to see what Colt could do with our starting recievers plus Cooley, Kelly, Thomas, and Davis. He does have a funky wind up but he seems to move a second faster and gets the ball out a full second quicker than Campbell. This WCO was made for a guy like Brennan. Just by looking at the kid on the sidelines you can tell he is super confident in himself. I was impressed. I am going to love watching him develop under Zorn and Campbell. A bit off topic but Campbell looked much improved from a technique standpoint and i believe he is ready to lead our beloved Skins this year. Oh, before i forget, DE Rob Jackson seemed to be a disruptive force as well and could provide some much needed depth along our defensive front.
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You did WHAT?!?
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Re: Wow!

u could name it duplicate lol seriously someone just made this thread

This is why you need Mentos. To justify your questionable problem solving skills.


Awesome isn't it.
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Re: Wow!

Good call Quake. Sorry, but I've got to shut this one down.
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