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ESPN: Camp Confidential-Redskins

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Uncle Phil
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ESPN: Camp Confidential-Redskins

The one thing keeping Jim Zorn from becoming a NFL head coach was his burning desire to land the job.

He spent years wondering how to board the "fast track" while coaching quarterbacks in Seattle and even when the Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl in 2005, his name didn't show up on anyone's short list. Zorn made a vow to stop worrying about his future, and now three years later, he has replaced Joe Gibbs as the head coach of the Redskins.

"I always tried to figure out the formula," Zorn said. "It seemed like the natural progression was to become an offensive coordinator, but when we made it to the Super Bowl, no one on our staff became a coordinator. After that, I finally decided to relax and stop trying to find the formula."

ESPN - Camp Confidential: Zorn ready to lead Campbell, Redskins - NFL

Also: ESPN - Redskins QB Campbell talks fishin' and football - NFC East
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Re: ESPN: Camp Confidential-Redskins

We just might have ourselves a diamond in the rough, boys.
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Impact Rookie
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Re: ESPN: Camp Confidential-Redskins

Interesting articles. Thanks SS.
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Living Legend
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Re: ESPN: Camp Confidential-Redskins

Very good articles. Two observations...I'm glad to see that Zorn's focus is on the QB position, something that I don't think happened a lot while Gibbs was here. As we know, Gibbs wasn't fond of young QBs, hence our run with #8. When Saunders came to the Redskins, I don't think it was to develop JC, I believe he came just to install his complex offense. While we have a good defense and a good running game, the QB position is very important for our team's success. Look at teams like the Vikings, Bucs, and Bears...all good teams with good defenses and running games (Vikes and Bucs only), yet they are questionable at the QB position...which is a big weakness and something that will not take you to the playoffs (or take you past round one).

Another thing, I forgot that Horton sacked Sorgi during the game...does that mean that he was playing against the first team? (or at least the second team). If so I think that's even more impressive.
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Re: ESPN: Camp Confidential-Redskins

I had a very high opinion of Al Saunders before he came here. I was a big fan of his prior work.

Though I wouldn't blame him for any issues we had on offense -- he was working with a mixed deck -- I really don't think he was focused on doing his best job here. I really think he took this job to showcase his creativity, rather than to do things to extend drives or put players in position to succeed.

Zorn, on the other hand, clearly is a guy who for a long time dreamt about getting this job, and now that he's got it, I know we are going to get his best work. That's all you can ask for from the head coach, the rest will be on the players.
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Camp Scrub
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Re: ESPN: Camp Confidential-Redskins

Great reads. Thanks!
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The Starter
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Re: ESPN: Camp Confidential-Redskins

I have been impressed with Zorn so far. I know this will be a year of ups and downs but I hope the media and even us fans are patient and give the guy a chance to show us what he can do.
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