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What's In Mosley's Mailbag: Skins Stuff

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What's In Mosley's Mailbag: Skins Stuff


John from Niwot, Colo., writes: Why are the 'Skins 16th in the power rankings? I have them ninth. They could arguably even be a little higher.

Mosley: John, I've always wanted to visit Niwot this time of year. I just spent three days with your Redskins, and I came away with a favorable impression. I think Jason Campbell is ready to take the next step under the tutelage of head coach Jim Zorn, but I need to see it for a few weeks before I put the club in the top 10. You still have two starting receivers who haven't gotten it done in the red zone and two rookies who can't stay on the field right now because of injury. On defense, I think LaRon Landry is an absolute star, but I'd be a little worried about Reed Doughty. Loves to hit, but I could see him getting exposed at times. Right now, I'm leaning toward putting them somewhere in the 12-14 range. The guy who wrote that they would go 4-12 must've seen something I missed while at Redskins Park.

Albert from D.C. asks: I'm sure you've gotten 6,000 variations on this same question, but I figured maybe number 6,001 would be the one that persuaded you to answer it. It's not that we don't appreciate such hard-hitting football analysis as a discussion of where and with whom Jason Campbell went fishing this summer (actually, I really enjoyed that piece, I'm just ribbing you), but from watching the Skins in training camp, did you get the sense that Jason Campbell is ready to make The Leap? Before he injured his leg last season (especially in Week 11 against the Cowboys), there were times when he looked like he was ready to be a star quarterback as opposed to a game manager, and lots of us are really hoping his leg injury and all the turmoil in the organization haven't derailed him. Thanks.

Mosley: Albert, you were actually 6,002, but I like the way you phrased your question (praised my work). Jim Zorn didn't come right out and say this to me, but I know for a fact that he's told Campbell he's poised to become a perennial Pro Bowl quarterback. I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I saw something in three practices that convinced me that Campbell's ready to become a star, but I did sit down with him for 45 minutes and heard some pretty promising things. When he got injured in November, he stood on the sideline and studied everything Todd Collins was doing. He said Collins' willingness to check the ball down when plays downfield weren't there had a profound effect on him.

Will he be a Pro Bowl quarterback this season? I really can't say. But I do think that he'll play with a lot more confidence and his fundamentals are already better. This guy is buying into whatever Zorn's selling big time.
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Re: What's In Mosley's Mailbag: Skins Stuff

Sounds about right in regards to Reed Doughty.
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Re: What's In Mosley's Mailbag: Skins Stuff

good read. thanks for posting
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Re: What's In Mosley's Mailbag: Skins Stuff

I would not be surprised to see Sean Springs play some at Safety this year.
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Re: What's In Mosley's Mailbag: Skins Stuff

Encouraging comments on JC. Not sure what to make of Doughty at this point. Before I thought he could be the perfect SS just playing in box. The kid likes to lay the wood on guys and w/ LL at FS Doughty shouldn't have to play the pass too much, really just be there to punish any runner who gets past our front seven and crush anyone coming across the shallow middle. If he ends up getting exposed in that role than we need to replace him.
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Re: What's In Mosley's Mailbag: Skins Stuff

I like Reed. Reed played very well last year given the circumstances and deserves the starting role for at least right now.
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