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Jason Campbell and the WCO

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Jason Campbell and the WCO

Originally Posted by redskin37 View Post
Collins and Jansen look lost out there.
I only think Jansen got beat one time. Whats the big deal? Its preseason for him too and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he will work out the kinks in his game. He did miss the whole season last year with what somepeople said was a career ending injury. Ithought he run blocked as well as he used to.
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Re: Jason Campbell and the WCO

The one thing that is most impressive this preseason, is the tempo of the offense. Whether its the starting eleven or the backups, the offense is running smoothly, both on the ground and in the air. This is very encouraging and maybe during the regular season, this offense will look like a professional offense and not a high school team.
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Re: Jason Campbell and the WCO

To me, it seems that JC is finally a leader of the team. In previous years he has looked more like a student of the game, kind of learning as he goes. He goes out there and takes control and makes the game work for him instead of working for the game. Granted, as a Skins fan I am a little gun shy on account of Spurrier's preseason but so far, so good.
We will miss you Sean.

Go Hokies
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Re: Jason Campbell and the WCO

W's and L's don't really mean anything in the preseason, it's the way the starters play and some backups. What our 3rd stringers do against other 3rd stringers is less important.

I'm very impressed so far w/ JC and the west coast offense. He's looked sharp in 2 games so far. I wasn't expecting it w/ a new offense and new coach coming in. I thought it might take some time. The O is moving the ball and scoring some points.
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Re: Jason Campbell and the WCO

Originally Posted by FRPLG View Post
I'll tell you what I like the most. JC is not "Zorn's guy" but Zorn is clearly a big fan and coaching him up as much as possible. It'd be real easy, and common-place, for a new coach to come in and give it the old college try for a few weeks before writing off a young QB he didn't draft. Zorn hasn't done that. That should mean a lot. Zorn seems excited about JC and that makes me VERY happy.
I'm not sure Zorn had much of a choice though. The main reason he was brought in as OC originally was to work with JC and get him coached up.
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