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Ken Dorsey

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Old 08-24-2004, 04:49 PM   #1
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Ken Dorsey

I know every one of you is going to make fun of me, and assume this is strictly my bias towads my alma mater that is making me say this, but I just watched the 49ers-Bears game on NFL Network, and Dorsey definitly shined.

I only saw one drive, it was a two minute drill lead by Dorsey. 8/9 passing for 47 yds and an amazing touchdown pass and catch. Against mostly starters on defense, it was the second qtr.

Im not going to go out and say hes the next Montanna, theres not reason to even consider making such statements. All im saying is that scouts for the draft put so much emphasis on their numbers at teh combine that they miss out on a lot of great players. Dorsey didnt have the strongest arm in his draft, he doesnt run. But he is a natural leader and knows how to make plays. He had great receivers aroudn him at UM, but he still had to get him the ball. Brock Berlin had great talent around him last year and didnt know what team to throw to. Dorsey will start for the 49ers this year, and will have his ups and downs but will make it in the NFL, contrary to any scouts opinion from a year ago.

You heard it here first, now go ahead and let the comments fly about how my head is stuck so far up the canes footballs players a** that I dont konw what im talking about.
"I'm used to winning, coming from the University of Miami. " Clinton Portis
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Old 08-24-2004, 04:59 PM   #2
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well, 8/9 with a TD and no ints ins't exactly horrible... and SF needs a QB, but since i don't know the situation or see the game, i can't really say too much more than that.
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Old 08-24-2004, 06:26 PM   #3
Uncle Phil
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What's wrong with Tim Rattay? Aside from injury for the moment

And what's your definition of "make it in the NFL"? Are we talking make it like Peyton Manning, make it like Chris Chandler, or make it like Danny Wuerffel?
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Old 08-24-2004, 06:32 PM   #4
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make it as be a starter in the NFL for years to come, where as people pinned him as being a career backup at best. He was picked in the 7th round to be nothing more than a roster spot. So if anythign id say make it like Tom Brady. I dont mean two super bowls in three years, I just mean go from being a late round guy to a quality starter on your team. A huge feat in the NFL to being picked in the last round and become a regular starter. Doesnt make you a hall of famer, but Dorsey knows how to win, is an extremely smart QB, and will play to his strengths. Somethign that a lot of first round qbs never learn to do.

Rattay is injured, and I dont now much about him. He was slated to be the starter becuase everone assumed dorsey wouldnt be able to be a starter in the NFL. Dorsey still has to earn that spot over Rattay, I just feel that he will now that hes getting more playign time iwht first string. He looked good last year in preseason to, but he looked good against third string.
"I'm used to winning, coming from the University of Miami. " Clinton Portis
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Old 08-24-2004, 07:21 PM   #5
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Bottom Line - He Wins!!!

Didn't Joe Montana just win. Wasn't liked by the scouts or many in the league but he just won.
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Old 08-24-2004, 08:11 PM   #6
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"Rattay is considered the starter. Dorsey is an organizational favorite, and Erickson is pleased with him, too. "He's way ahead of where he was at this time last year in terms of learning the system," he said, "and he's worked very hard in the weight room. I'd say he's probably up to about 225 pounds now, and there's a big difference in his arm strength from last year."

From San Francisco Chronicle sports columnist Glenn Dickey

They have a real prospect in Cody Pickett, too -
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Old 08-25-2004, 01:48 PM   #7
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Dorsey, impress me when the season starts. That's when the pressures on & we'll see if you have what it takes.

Just my opinion
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