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RI: Taylor Puts on a Defensive Show

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: RI: Taylor Puts on a Defensive Show

Originally Posted by skinsnut View Post
Interesting yes, but suprising, no.
If JT did this to Samuels, we'd all be freaking out (in a good way)
But preseason chatter here the last 2 preseasons has been concern about Jansens decline in performance.
To me, Heyer aint the answer...the only option is this.
Jansen must improve...cause Wade aint that great either and the rookie aint ready yet
Wow. If that's our only option I'm worried. I mean I don't feel all that comfortable putting so much faith in a rook but he was considered the top lineman in the division and at least he's shown himself to play w/ a mean streak.

If we, meaning Bugel for the most part, went into the season expecting JJ to be competitive all year long '08 could look similar to '07 in the trenches.
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Re: RI: Taylor Puts on a Defensive Show

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
If I'm correct JT has never had a sack against the Skins.
Well, we only play the Phins once every 4 years, so that's not really saying much.

I think Jansen is slowly on his way out. I said this in a previous post- I think 2008 will be the last year he really sees much time as a starter. He's way past his prime and simply hasn't looked good at all. I wouldn't say it's the "downfall" of Jansen as Matty put it, but guys become injury prone and/or less effective (both of those apply to JJ), and they are eventually phased out.

Most people around here, me included, have stated more than once the need to get younger on the O-line. Of the aging guys up front (Kendall excluded), there's no doubt in my mind JJ will be the first to go...
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Re: RI: Taylor Puts on a Defensive Show

There is no doubt in my mind JJ is on the way out. We have a good line (when healthy), but I think it's on the down. I think JJ has one more decent year in him and then from there it's only a matter of time until our whole line begins to deteriorate. We really need to begin building our line up via the draft.
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Re: RI: Taylor Puts on a Defensive Show

I think people need to calm down with this. So Jensen has lost a step, and yes he's old. But he is healthy, and I hope we get the most out of him this year. We have some good backups, and hopefully Jensen will stay healthy for the whole season so backups like Heyer can continue to develop. Also, I remind everyone that Jensen hasn't played in a while, and maybe he's just getting his stuff together during preseason, and it is not in regular season shape yet. I think as long as JJ or any of the starters stay healthy, we should be fine.
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