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E-Mail Reveals LaCanfora to be Gibbs Hater

Redskins Locker Room

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Uncle Phil
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Re: E-Mail Reveals LaCanfora to be Gibbs Hater

Originally Posted by jamf View Post
Awesome indeed, Those girls could sing.
Uh oh. Are you about to hijack this thread...to the point of no return?
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Re: E-Mail Reveals LaCanfora to be Gibbs Hater

Originally Posted by #56fanatic View Post
I have been away for a while, and thought I would check back in and what a way to get in the mix, Gibbs.

I defended Gibbs for as long as I possibly could. I think JLC is very good at letting us know what is going on. None of us really know what goes on behind the walls of Redskins Park, but I bet you the Joe we all saw was nothing like the Joe in the locker room. I am sure there is some truth to what JLC says about how gibbs treated the media, a lot of coaches have that "i forget more football than you will ever learn in your life" attitude towards the media. I think everyone was shocked at what Gibbs brought back to the Redskins. It worked the first go'round but really wasn't very successfule the second. Yeah two playoffs, which is awesome, but honestly it was a miracle that we won 5 and 4 games in row to make it.

Zorn seems to have brought some freshness with him, the players seem to love it and the media as well, which translates us fan feeling great about Zorn.
lets all move forward from the Gibbs thing.

Perhaps it was a miracle, but if you look at his record in December, it is a miracle he performed on a regular basis throughout his career.

So far Jim Zorn is the August King. We'll see if he still seems so "fresh" in December. I'm not pulling against him and I do see a lot to recommend his approach, but I think it's awfully premature to declare him successful where Gibbs wasn't.
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