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Elimination of the Force Out Rule

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 08-21-2008, 06:29 PM   #16
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Re: Elimination of the Force Out Rule

heck why not just put up walls on the sidelines and make it the arena league.
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Re: Elimination of the Force Out Rule

don't like the rule. it basically bails out a trailing dback, and wastes a good route by a receiver.
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Re: Elimination of the Force Out Rule

quick question: anybody know why the ref's are old men who probably cant see very well?
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Re: Elimination of the Force Out Rule

I think the rule stinks. If you are inbounds when you go in the air to catch the ball and someone pushes you out while you are in the air how can you control that..Its a perfect example in the last game when Moss makes a catch near the sideline and is about to come down inbounds and gets pushed out. Why did they change this rule anyway?

Was it because the refs couldn't tell if a player was going to come down inbounds with the ball before he got pushed? Probably because of a lot of bad calls by the refs. So this means the QB has to be quicker releasing the ball on catches near the sidelines and saying that..if the receiver jumps up to catch the ball and catches it because he beat the DB..its a easy bail out..for the DB or defender. This also seems like it will lead to more INTs taken back for TDs. Because all of the balls will be throwed lower and pretty much have to be accurate (which they should be)..But if you have a receiver that can go up and get it..its harder for them to intercept when it is missed (because it would go out of bounds) than throwing the ball lower..
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Re: Elimination of the Force Out Rule

Originally Posted by BleedBurgundy View Post
Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on something I've noticed while watching preseason football this year...

As most everyone on this site probably knows, this past offseason the NFL competition committee chose to eliminate the "Force Out" rule whereby a receiver can not get both feet in bounds but still have a catch ruled a catch if it is determined that he would have landed in bounds with control had the defense not intervened. (that was really convoluted, but you know what I mean...)

So far in the preseason I have noticed every defense making a concerted effort to push WR's out of bounds before they can get both feet in. I think this is going to have a huge impact on Offensive strategy this year. Offenses are going to have to limit the amount of sideline patterns run by receivers or come up with some sort of adjustment to keep defenders from forcing offensive player's out. Whether it's keeping the ball low on outside routes, simply throwing to the inside shoulder or some other method, I'm really looking forward to seeing how offensive coordinators adjust.
I agree completely. This will have an affect far beyond just the plays that were controversial before because defenders are so much freer. It will especially affect endzone plays. I hope Jackson and Gray are coaching our guys to wrap up receivers as soon as they contact the ball and carry them out of bounds. I suppose if you caught a receiver in the middle of the field before his feet touched and were able to walk him to the sideline the ruling would be incomplete. At any rate, this is a big lift to the defense.
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Re: Elimination of the Force Out Rule

I like this rule. I've wanted this rule change ever since I saw a ref make a bogus call, that was unreviewable, and it cost the team greatly. Now that the refs will have to find some other way to screw over a team. Plus, if you're not good enough to catch the ball in bounds then maybe you should go to the gym and bulk up some!
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