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Don's week 1 '08 Season Picks

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Don's week 1 '08 Season Picks

Crystal Ball



By DonCanabis/D'BOYZ

Ohhh Boy Ohhh Boy Football is back people and with that "The Don" has come out of his cave and it back to bring his crystal ball predictions to you.

Man there's nothing like the 1st week of the season everybody is undefeated everybody has a chance to make the playoffs and win the SB well everyone except Miami,Oakland and Atlanta let's get real hahaha. But it really is the best time no team actually sucks team we know thing will be great might blow (new Orleans last year) and teams we don't give to cents about them might surprise you (GB and NY).

But also it's the hardest week to predict even Vegas don't know how much spread to give or how much Ovr/Und points to put, this because we really don't know what the teams are NY lost their first 2 games and went on to win the SB you can't count the preaseason because teams show crap and crappy players in them you might take a few things but not the big picture so you have to base you analysis in how the team looked at the end of the year, what moves did it made how the team is working together, did it had major injuries or changes.

So with all this in mind here are my picks.

On with the picks...

Washington at New York Giants -3.5 Ovr/Und 40.5

This no questions should be the game of the week to good teams in the toughest division going at it NY fresh out of the SB with everything to prove because nobody believes in them and Washington with a new HC, new face, new system comming to to prove they're for real and not the bottom team of the best division.

This could actually be the Upset of the week also but Jim's offense looked lost in 4 of the 5 preseason games it doesn't count but with Zorn it's all I got to base on and I have to give the giants the benefit of the doubt at least for 1 game even with the injuries. if you don't know which way to go take the OVER divisional rivals almost always score big against each other specially in week 1 when there's no tape to guide you.

Straight: NYG
Spread: NYG
Ovr/Und: Ovr

Detroit at Atlanta 3 Ovr/Und 41.5

Atlanta is in rebuild mode and Detroit always starts good but runs out of gas by mid season just like Arizona so right now you should take Detroit also the rookie RB has looked good and CJ has looked like the high draft pick he was last year I don't know why wr take 2 years to show their stuff usually.

Straight: Detroit
Spread: Detroit
Ovr/Und: Over

Cincinnati at Baltimore -1 Ovr/Und 39.5
Both teams are UGLY one in offense one in defense and offense but Baltimore is starting to rookies probably for this game (Flacco and Rice) one has looked really good the other smells like a future bust. Flacco didn't won the job he was the last man standing. Take Cin and the under this looks like an ugly one

Straight: Cincinnati
Spread: Cincinnati
Ovr/Und: Under

Seattle at Buffalo 1 Ovr/Und 40

Buffalo showed signs of improvement at the end of the season T.Edwards looks like it could be a solid QB like Delhome the team has a good defense and good offense. We always underestimate what Seattle does or can do but the reality is that Seattle great at home bad on the road I take the home team.

Straight: Buffalo
Spread: Buffalo
Ovr/Und: Over

New York Jets at Miami 3 Ovr/Und 36.5
The Revenge of the QB's

Great title isn't it specially for a bad game I see both teams improving from last year and NYJ it's my sleeper this year to make it to the playoffs both QB's want to show their previous team they made a mistake so expect high scoring in perfect conditions (if the raining stops), take favre und because of the storms

Straight: NY of Favre
Spread: NY of Favre
Ovr/Und: Under

Kansas City at New England -16.5 Ovr/Und 46.5

Let's get real KC Qb wouldn't be a #3 qb in most teams the whole offensive line is a joke and the defense saw their only good player leave in FA but I don't think Brady is 100% heck I don't think he's close to 80% and the spread it's way to reach for my blood even if it's NE specially with how slow and old NE defense has look take NE but take the points

Straight: New England
Spread: Kansas City
Ovr/Und: Under

Tampa Bay at New Orleans -3.5 Ovr/Und 42.5

NO it's going to be hit twice this week once by Gustav the other by Gruden both have good teams and are the cream of their division I could easily see both making the playoffs but the fact it's that the hurricane was/is a major distraction for the players and their head won't be in the game no matter if it's NO or Tampa

Straight: Tampa Bay
Spread: Tampa Bay
Ovr/Und: Over

St. Louis at Philadelphia -7 Ovr/Und 44.5

St.L it's my team to take the first pick of the draft this year their offense is a joke their defense it's even worse Long looks lost and will take him a while to catch up I just don'0t see how they can stop Westbrook and mchoke.

Straight: Philadelphia
Spread: Philadelphia
Ovr/Und: Over

Houston at Pittsburgh -6.5 Ovr/Und 43.5

Houston looks good offensively and the rookie RB looks pretty good their front 7 looks dominant but their secondary it's second worst behind Cleveland Pittsburgh has 2 good RB's 3 very good fast WR, a QB that prove last year that he's also a good passer and a good defense oh and they play at home who do you take

Straight: Pittsburgh
Spread: Pittsburgh
Ovr/Und: Over

Jacksonville at Tennessee 3 Ovr/Und 37
Jacksonville defense you can count on and the offense has looked good so far V.young to me is a fat version of M.Vick but expect Fisher to have his team ready. this is a defensive matchup and could go to either way it's the team that makes the less mistakes that wins.
Straight: Jacksonville
Spread: Jacksonville
Ovr/Und: Over

Dallas at Cleveland 4 Ovr/Und 48.5

everybody is talking about the wr that are hurt this week that won't play like it should matter those guys last year counted for 390 yards and 1td in the whole season so they don't represent nothing for Dallas offense the truth is that Witten is your #2 and Crayton the #3 and they're all healthy.

Cleveland's secondary itís the worse but they have a very potent offense and a renewed defense it will be a good match.

Straight: Dallas
Spread: Dallas
Ovr/Und: Over

Carolina at San Diego -9.5 Ovr/Und 42.5

Carolina looks better this year their running game looks solid with the addition of stewart the defense looks improved I don't know how good LT is of his knee because we haven0t see him but all reports say he's ok expect a closer match that most think.

Shawn Merriman knee breakdown Count start now I give it 5 weeks.

Straight: San Diego
Spread: Carolina
Ovr/Und: Over

Arizona at San Francisco -3 Ovr/Und 42

Kurts career starts again for the 53th time, you never know what to get from this two teams but I expect a fumble for Kurt every game and specially in the worst moment.... I take SF I believe in you J.T!!!!

Straight: San Francisco
Spread: San Francisco
Ovr/Und: Under

Chicago at Indianapolis -9.5 Ovr/Und 44
man thsi was the perfect week for both Indi and NE to start 0-1 but both get crappy teams this smells funny to me I don't know what to take of Chicago but 9.5 spread for ind withand injured Peyton,Freeney, Sanders and no Saturday that's 85% of their team it's to much for me even with a baaaaaad Chicago's team.

Straight: Chicago
Spread: Chicago
Ovr/Und: Under

Minnesota at Green Bay -3 Ovr/Und 38.5
Min defense looks scary and Adrian could take a whole team by itself but I think people are going to be surprised about Aaron this year the kid has a chip in his shoulder I like me some cheese!!!

Straight: Green Bay
Spread: Green Bay
Ovr/Und: Over

Denver at Oakland 3 Ovr/Und 41.5

UUUUUUGly Monday Night Game really with this rule taht every team get's 1 MN game it seems to me that the NFL wants to end the MN tradition I mean your first MN of the season and the best you can come up is Oakland Denver why this doubleheaders always havea game you want to watch and agame that will help you get some sleep.

Let's see if Run DMC it's another A.P or a Reggie Bush let's see what the hype brings. Tell me who's the #2 wr in Denver behind Marshall because he's the starter anyone????

Straight: Oakland
Spread: Oakland
Ovr/Und: Under

Hot Picks

Tampa Bay

************************************************** ***
Note.- Last Chance to Join the Don's Prediction League and to all the member don't forget to send your season Prediciton and your week 1 picks before the Thursday's game for them to count GL all

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Re: Don's week 1 '08 Season Picks

Woooow Man thsi is a first 0 comments on my week predictions not even a ----WHaaaaat tha hell man your crazy NY Gay man won't beat the Redskins or Oakland really Oakland man you're taling from your ass but........ no Comments that's worse wow
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Re: Don's week 1 '08 Season Picks


Ill be the first to say something. Ill admit that im too scared to put any money down on the first week, ive been hurt too many times (financially and emotionally). That said I pretty much agree with what you picked, though my picks are still pretty different, im playing it safe. Ill only put money on a couple games a week and last season did help me a little and im looking forward to the league again.

I think you came in second place last year during the overall season? You definitely know you stuff and your percentages stayed pretty consistent each week. But I think you not even putting the Colts, even with the injuries, as a Wild Card pick is crazy though. I am exceptionally high on Jacksonville this year though, and picked them to take it all. Who knows... its week 1
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Re: Don's week 1 '08 Season Picks

Well peter yeah for the first time I lost came up second I was winning the whole time up until week 15 if I recall correctly en then Ranchero got hot and run me over.

My prediction on Indi is based on 2 things 1 it's not only peyton injured Jeff Saturday the top center Peyton little helper is hurt and will miss 8 -10 weeks of the season you will see how much that will hurt him specially since he didn't had time to get into a groove with the new fella.

Third Freeney and Sanders are still hurt that's the whole heart and sould of the team so they wil loose some close matches I don't say they will end 8-8 I do believe they will end up being 10-6 and be this years cleveland good recod didn't get in because of percentages. I believe NYJ will get in instead of them because they got an easy schedulle and could end up 11-5 you'll see
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