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Don's Crystal Ball Week 1 In Review

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Don's Crystal Ball Week 1 In Review

Crystal Ball


By DonCanabis/D'BOYZ

Washington 7 at New York Giants 16

It wasn't a close as the scored showed I didn't like what the Zorn team had to offer the team looked lost and slow the mentality look like it was the 4th preseason game not the first game of the season I believe it was a huge mistake to play J.taylor the guy could barely move and was a liability out there the only bright spot redzone defense they stopped the Giants 3 times there which gave the offense a chance to be in the game even if they didn't took it.

In the case of NY the loss of Osi and Strahan was seen more in the 3rd and 4th quarter the defense started strong but faded as the time passed a lot of those guy's aren0t used to play a full game also NY left a lot of points out there that with another team it would had cost them the game.

Detroit 21 at Atlanta 34

Man the Lions made Vegas very happy everyone thought this would be a easy win for them and it became a nightmare we all know Detroit has a good offense and the rookie RB Smith showed potential, what we saw yesterday it's the huge loss Shawn Rogers was for that defense M. Turner is good really good but anyone can run with those HUUUUUGE holes the Falcons offense did what they wanted with that front 7.

M.Ryan had a good debut a great first pass and good management that's what they want from him to manage the game and not make mistakes abraham was a monster out there but we know he will break down after the 5th game so enjoy it as it last, don't get carried away by the score Detroit it's better that it showed and Atlanta it's worse, I thought at first Atlanta was going to be the worst team this year but other teams are asking for that spot.

Cincinnati 10 at Baltimore 17

This was an ugly,ugly ugly game Baltimore Defense look great created lots of turnovers and it's the reason why this team won, Flacco looked like a rookie baaad yeah he didn't gave the ball away and had that 40 yard run if you saw the highlights but the kid was off target the whole game and against a terrible Cin defense if you didn't saw the game and just watch the media reports on this game you might think otherwise but trust me this team will go as far as their defense can hold other teams.

In the case of Cin the whole team it's a mess and I would be surprised if this is the last year of lewis he has totally lost control of this team Palmer looked Bad he might be injured or just scared of all the hit's he has taken that Oline it's like Swiss cheese it's going to be a long season for the Bengals.

Seattle 10 at Buffalo 34

I new the bills were going to win this game seattle it's just not good in the road with the east teams but I was surprised on how dominant Buffalo looked they control every angle of this game their running game was good, passing game good, defense great Matt was on the grass the whole day and special teams well what can you say about special team when they return a kick and do a fake fieldgoal, with the injury to Brady This team should be in the Playoff and I wouldn't be surprised if they win the division.

New York Jets 20 at Miami 14

Favre looked ok, good if you count he has only been with the team 3 weeks but the team looked rusty the whole game and if ti wasn't for Brady injury I wouldn't consider them to win next week the game was won more by individual efforts than by team game play I expect them to get better as the season goes on but nothing exiting right now.

Miami looked better then expected at first everybody looked lost but as the game went on they started to get in a groove and had a chance to take the game they won't have a great season but they will cause some problems to some teams. R.Williams return was like buying weed on a mexican beach more grass than anything else you puff and puff and never get high.

Kansas City 10 at New England 17
Well I told you guys I didn't tought Brady wasn't ok and I know you're going to say that the knee injury had nothing to do with his foot injury but Brady didn't look good in the plays before the injury he could barely move and was a hit away of going to the bench the injury was bigger than I expected and it's a huge blow to NE who I had to win the big game.

Kansas has nothing the team is rebuilding the best thing it could happen to that team was losing Croyle because the kid it's not even a third string QB and they have a better chance now that he's hurt. LJ had a good pair of runs but if you have him in your fantasy trade him now it's going to be a though for him to get the Fantasy points.

Tampa Bay 20 at New Orleans 24

There are three things you can take of this game; one Tampa Bay has a great Fast Defense (except for Tiki's Twin) and an old Offense;Two N.O has a great aggressive defense that can spark at any time with many weapons but their defense still sucks and three Shockey will always get very exited of every 5 yard catch he makes.

St. Louis 3 at Philadelphia 38

I told you guys Philadelphia look very good and will make a run for the NFC East this year granted you can't get very exited about beating St.Louis but it was a complete domination the team looked aggressive on both offense and defense like the old days and McChoke had a great day. St.Louis didn't even show up talk about a team with zero energy the only guy that wanted to play was Steven Jackson that team it's going to fight for the first pick of the draft and a new coach it just has no Heart

I wouldn't be surprised if Philadelphia takes the East it has an easier schedule then the rest of the division and has the weapons.

Houston 17 at Pittsburgh 38
Well this game was over in the first quarter and it went like I predicted, believe me guys Houston isn't good but it also isn't that bad as it shown yesterday they will be better as the season goes on it's just that Pittsburgh is that good and in my book the best the AFC has to offer. put M.Williams in your Fantasy if you don't have him the kid is a beast and he's showing why he was the #1 pick. That defense has to many weapons it will get better.

Jacksonville 10 at Tennessee 17

For a team with such great expectations everyone has in the Jaguars they were very disappointed, the great defense we were expecting from Jacksonville the titans show it and WOW what a defense, the great running game everyone was expecting from the jaguars Tennessee show it it was totally bizarre.

Man it looks like it's true the Jaguars are a bunch of teaser, like the girl at the bar with the low skirt that keeps giving you signals and once you go to her she blows you off, one year they're hot the next they suck.

On a side note trust me the injury to V.Young best thing it could happen to that team.

Dallas 28 at Cleveland 10

This game was a complete domination by the Cowboys it wasn't as close as it looked and for a team that has been so hyped like Cleveland it just didn't showed. Romo had all the time of the world to make the throws the offense looks really good. Two things I have concerns about Dallas; one is that I'm still not sold on the cowboys defense there's just no fire they're great against the run but they just don't create pressure I continue to see 7-8 yard cushions between the Wr and the db's and I thought Dallas improved their secondary this offseason, the blitz are simple it looks like they play prevent defense all the time.. Yes Dallas made a good offense with great weapons look vanilla but this is not the W. Philips defense I'm used to see and the second it's Romo play in the red zone the kid keeps being reckless with the ball inside the 20 he once again gave an int that ended a scoring drive but it could have easily been two.

Cleveland secondary is baaad and it's going to cost them a lot of games their front seven is good and Shawn Rogers looks like a new guy and almost killed Romo.

Carolina 26 at San Diego 24

This game almost turn out like I expected I new it was going to be a close game but I expected San Diego to win it in the end in a close match and I was right for 59:59 of the game and then Delhome decided to prove me wrong but hahaha I had the last laugh because I chose them in my bet and won the spread. P.Rivers looks good and shows he has what it takes to be a qb in this league I don't think L.T it's 100% he showed flashes during the game but at time he just looked like he couldn't do the same moves.

The Kid D. Rosario who made the last catch looks really good like a younger version of S.Smith an you wonder why they suspended him for 2 games and didn't even flinch this is why pick the guy up.

Arizona 23 at San Francisco 13

nothing exiting about this game Arizona will win the worst division in the NFL for the 10th year in the row Warner managed the game ok, nothing exiting I thought J.T will look better on martz offense he didn't. F.Gore is a beast.

Minnesota 19 at Green Bay 24
Aaron Rodgers debut went really well he looked sharp had control, great arm didn't made stupid throws and had some good ones called back because of penalties the running game it's very good and looks like they will contend this year, Minnesota has a very good team great running game and defense but T.Jackson is really a bad bad QB, What's up with this thread of Black running QB's in the NFL I mean you have Russell, Young and Jackson they all suck GM see a big man good arm an can run boy he will make a great QB they don't waith and see if the kid has any accuracy I would like to thing this will end but it doesn't look that way.

Denver 41 at Oakland 14

I have to admit when I'm wrong and I was wrong (at least for now) about Cutler i didn't give the kid any credit and he looked sharp I thought Oakland defense was going to be better specially their secondary but man talk about domination the best Rb on Oakland team nope it isn't RUN DMC it's fargas ohh and russell even with his 2 td ( 1 was a 4th qt gift) sucks I know he's a rookie but man with the good ones you can see flashes of greatness with the bad plays and the kid just doesn't have it not right now I just thing it will be another guy who laughed all the way to the bank once he signed that contract.
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Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 1 In Review

I notice that you only mention "the game wasn't as close as the score looked" for two teams.

A little bias there, but pretty good overall.
Regret nothing. At one time it was exactly what you wanted.
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Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 1 In Review

Nice sum up of all the games.

Besides Pittsburg, i have no idea of whats going on in the AFC. My pick of the Jaggs going to the SB looks like a bust, espicially after the loss of 2/5th of the o line. Week 2 may still be too dangrous for me to put any action on.
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Re: Don's Crystal Ball Week 1 In Review

Originally Posted by TheMalcolmConnection View Post
I notice that you only mention "the game wasn't as close as the score looked" for two teams.

A little bias there, but pretty good overall.

Well yeah I said that of the two games that look a little closer than the game actually was but if you noticed for the games of Buffallo, Philly and Denver I said it was a complete domination some suprised me more than others. I just call it how I see it and you can't say I'm bias when even if my team won I criticed my QB and the defense
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